Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The inverter I was running the fridge off of potted out for some reason so that left me with one option. (Find one locally) Fortunately Ron Moore that sells the cabins had one for $300 so there went the $ I was saving to get the Jeep fixed with. Its basically way over kill for what I need, but if the last inverter didn't handle the fridge too good then it probably wouldn't have lasted as long when it comes time to run the window unit. This one should handle anything I throw at it and hopefully last a lot longer then the Harbor Freight ones do.
Guess who?
Got in a fight with a pile of rocks and they won. Stumbling around in the dark is not a good thing to do!

Judy was at the legion when I went up there yesterday and she cleaned the wounds and got me squared away. She makes a fine nurse.


  1. From my limited experience I would suggest that you give the inverter at least twice the venting that it needs as a minimum. Keep them electronics cool.

  2. Sorry to see that you got hurt. Hope you heel up without too much of a head ache. Of course those of you who have chosen to fight the hadprdshlps of the desert must be hard headed, so it could have been worse if you weren't. (Hard headed)

  3. excuse my ignorance,,those 7000 W power inverter $ 300 produce power or electricity or what they do ? Do they run on what please ?

  4. Barney, the inverter had plenty of ventilation although it hasn't been needed because its been down right cold around here. Shouldn't have been the problem.

    DD,yes I am hard headed. The rocks were just harder, but that wasn't always the case.

    Pablo, inverters take 12, 24 or 48 volt DC (battery/solar) power and turn it in to usable 110 volt AC power for appliances.

  5. Glad Judy was there to sort out the wound - must've bled like hell!

    RMan reckons that if you used ferules in place of the crocodile clips your power would probably be greater too - you'll be losing power with that kind of connection.

  6. Dani, yes after checking the site it happened at there is a trail of blood. Its melting the rocks. ;)

    The battery/inverter setup is a stop gap solution until this spring when I plan to build a bigger and better battery hut closer to the cabin. I'll do it right then. For now I seem to have all the power I need except after a couple of really cloudy days.

  7. Damn David, your electrical room looks a little like a fire hazard.
    Watch out for those drunk rocks, they can't see in the dark either.

  8. Oh my goodness David, hope your wound heals soon and that it does not hurt too much.

    Thank you goes out to Judy for nursing the wound!

  9. BKid, the battery hut may not look safe but it is. One set of jumper cable clips goes out to the gas charger for when I need to use it and the others are to temporarily connect another bank of two batteries to the other bank of 4. I was trying out my kung fu skills on the rock. You think my head looks bad you should see the rock. ;)

    MsB, I'll survive. Good to see you post on your blog again. I'll check it out as soon as I post this.


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