Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain / Video from Party.

It pretty near rained solid from midnight night before last and through all day yesterday. Couldn't tell how much because I forgot to empty the gage after the snow. Lift the damn burn ban!

Pat O'Bryan has setup a new site called The video below was taken by him at the party at the legion on the 30th. There will be another party on the 27th of this month. If you can make it come on down or up which ever direction you're coming from.  Will probably be another pot luck event. There may  be some sort of cover charge to make sure the musicians get paid.


  1. That's great your getting rain!!!
    We all need it, we've been getting some but not enough here in OK.

  2. Ten inches of snow equal one inch of rain. A good rule of thumb.

  3. Sandy, We needed the moisture. I guess the snow and rain helped a good bit.

    DD, I figure around a couple of inches knowing that now.

  4. Hey, D - thanks for the link and the video...I really like your Terlingua music. You are fortunate to hear these guys live before they hit the "big time"!

    Stay warm...I still remember reading about your cold nights in the dungeon. You are one tuff sob!!!

  5. 4" up here west of DFW in 36hrs in my rain gauge.

    stay warm and dry Tffnguy.


  6. well at least this blog is not getting crazy/boaring/non informative and nuts (like the FieldLab stuff with Cain and Christ Sermons etc) yu re having more visitors and comments as yurs realy keep people dream or live in Terlingua INFORMED (pics,events etc) Congrat for the very beautiful SNOW Pics man !

  7. B'Foot, cloudy here again and looks like it could rain, but I don't think its supposed to?

    Pablo, Its John's blog so I guess he can take it any direction he wants to. We can either read it or not and I seldom do anymore. In other words to each their own.

  8. Wish granted! I just read this on facebook:
    ‎01/14/2013 - Due to recent snowfalls, the Brewster County Commissioners Court lifted the countywide Burn Ban.

  9. That's good to know Abby. I guess it will take them a while to get the burn ban signs closed up.


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