Sunday, January 20, 2013

Legendary Legion Jam #2 / BeeZZzzz

There will be another Legendary Music Jam at the Legion on Sunday the 27th of this month. If you're able to come I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

(Ladies, leaving panties in the parking lot is optional)

And for the Bees? (see below) This has turned out to be a beautiful warm day and the bees seem to have decided to come out in force. In the picture below anything you see on top of the oil drum and in the glass pie plate is bees (either dead or alive) and of course the flying objects around it is also bees. Early in the morning before the temp gets warm enough for them to come back out that drum and pie plate will be a LONG way from this cabin. Its only about 20 feet away from the front door now and I was getting mobbed by them every time I opened the door. So far no more stings yet though. They are thinning out now that its cooling down.


Today's high was 69°

Last night's low 32°

(Right here) 


  1. Wow, that is a lot of bees!! Hey, I didn't see either your name or my name on the list of entertainers (grin).

  2. DD, I only wish I were an entertainer. Closest I could come to that is a 5th rate comedian I guess. Tried to learn the guitar two or three times and never did.

  3. OH BTW, finally gave George Goss the hard copy of the lyrics I wrote so I guess we'll see if he does anything with it or not.

  4. Hey, I feel good that I recognize a couple of names on that list! Even had the pleasure of meeting two of them in person. Does that mean I am reading too many Terlingua blogs? Lol :D

  5. MsB, is there such a thing as reading too many blogs. (Outside of not having the time all the time.)

  6. Unprovoked bee attack #2. I moved the drum and pie plate early this morning and policed up all of the crushed soda and beer cans close by and bagged them where the bees couldn't get at them.

    Just came in from washing a pan and sat down and notices something on my right pant leg. When I put my reading glasses on I noticed it was a bee with its stinger embedded in my pant leg. Fortunately it was where my leg wasn't up against the material. Just a few days back one got in here and made a bee line to the collar of my shirt and stung it to. The little SOBs are getting vicious! Before this year I walked through swarms and never got stung. Don't think I'll do that anymore!

  7. they are all looking for some nectar...and you are just too damn sweeet!!!


  8. I'm kinda sorta like MsB, I recognize two names and I'm guessing that means I've been gone a long time. There's so many new people down there now that you guys must have struck oil or found gold in all of that Bentonite.

  9. Those darn Terlingua bees are vicious. I got stung twice two years ago. Glad the bee got your pant leg and not you!

    I know water is at a premium but if you rinse out your cans and add a little vinegar to the water it will keep them at bay.

    I had to end up pouring my beer in a coffee mug because they sure as heck went for the opening of the beer can :-(

  10. BF, if MsB's suggestion works I may start bathing in vinegar!

    Bkid, I think a good number of those people have been here a long time, but there are some new ones.

    Ms Kitty, woops MsB, ;)
    I'll just try to keep the cans bagged up and I will try the vinegar trick on the pie plate and drum.

  11. Ms Kitty...I think I like that nick :)

    Maybe Billy "The Kid" Bob can incorporate me with that name into the western novel he is writing :D

  12. I learned about the vinegar trick by coincidence. My mother is allergic to cleaners so when I mop I use a mild detergent and some vinegar or lime juice.

    I took the water bucket outside to dump on the pesky mesquite trees but got side tracked. The next day there were a bunch of drowned dead bees.

    Killed the bees but not the mesquite trees :(

  13. He'd have to include marshal Dillon then. ;)

  14. I've seen so many bees drown in the coke I used to keep in there that the pie plate looked like it had a pecan pie in it. They get in any liquid and can't fly so they drown.

    1. You busted my bubble...and here I thought I was on to something :(

  15. Sorry...If that worked I'd put some in a spray bottle and spray them as they come in here.

  16. If you start a Beehive Honey business you could pay for your forced Obama-Care with sales of honey.

  17. Wish we had stayed a couple more days this time but had to get back to finish packing. The girls would have loved to hear some music. We're planning on keeping bees on our property when we get there full time in March. Might need to compare notes. :)

    Chris Miller - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness

  18. Yeah, that would be a bit too close to the front door for my comfort.


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