Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bobby's Blues & BBQ / Ramblings

New kid on the block. Bobby has opened up the Bobby's Blues & BBQ where the old Kathy's Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe used to be. Anyone who has been down here in the past and has been out 170 probably recognizes it.
He has provided some AWESOME BBQ at the last two Legion Jams. Not sure what all he has in mind for it, but hopefully it will be a world class BBQ place before long. You can follow his progress on Facebook at Bobby's Blues & BBQ

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Below are more artifact finds and a few other pictures I've taken lately.

Note the Yucca is blooming (If you could  call it that), but it doesn't look like they will put on the fruit this year. :( I'd planned to pickle some of them to see if the vinegar would offset the slightly bitter taste. I have fried them like okra before and in a pinch a person could survive off of them, but they leave some to be desired. I've also stir fried the flowers before and also added them to a salad and they are much better. The sage is also in bloom in some areas near by, but not up here. Same  goes for the ocotillo.

While looking for more artifacts I also tried to find the massive chunk of flint I lost some time back, but never found it. The picture with the failed arrowhead was found in the same area I've found most of the other stuff in and all of those chips and chunks were in a small area. Looks like someone was making an arrowhead and it didn't turn out quiet right so it was discarded.

Don't have a clue what type crystals are in the rock in the two pictures  above, but it isn't calcite which is the norm down here. I tested one and it doesn't scratch like calcite does. Maybe its quartz?


  1. Really neat pictures, I sure enjoyed looking at them. Good blog. Yes, I recognize that eatery.

  2. DD, you probably wouldn't be disappointed if you ate there on your next trip down this way. Speaking of which you mentioned a trip down here some time back? Making any plans for that?

  3. We stopped there the day he finished his covered eating area, great bbq! We'll be back!!

  4. Have been hearing good things in the blogsphere about Bobby's Blues B-B-Q will have to try it out next time I am up that way.

    I see he has not covered up all the hot pink yet :)

    Did Kathy take her Betty Boop trailer with her?

  5. Nice pictures and nice finds...but you wondered quite a bit from careful with the rattlers :-(

  6. Rob, He came up here yesterday to check out my trike and I cooked burgers. Would have rather had his BBQ! Anyway I'm going to be running for commander of the legion and he said if I am elected he may start cooking some for the Legion also. Can't beat that... get to stay in our neck of the woods and eat his BBQ.

    MsB, I don't think he plans to paint the place, but I don't know for sure. As for the Betty Boop trailer I think Kathy may have sold it.

    I generally have a snake stick with me when I'm out and about, but I probably should be carrying the riot shotgun to. I do watch very closely for snakes and take heavy steps and pound on the ground with the stick to let any rattlers know I'm coming so they can move out of the area.

    One thing is for sure and that is I need a back pack or at least to take out a bag to haul finds in. I always have to leave stuff behind because I can't carry it all.

  7. Bkid, Zano is still the commander, but I hear he wants out. He also planned to elect Dave as the commander so I decided it was time for me to run for commander (like it or not). I've never really wanted to hold any officer's post there, but I think I can make things better. If I get elected and its starting to look like that will be the case then I plan to change a lot of stuff. (Hopefully for the better)

    Bring back the Women's Auxiliary, Sons of the Legion, have food there again, try to get back in the good graces of the community and past members and who knows what else? In other words try to make it the legion it should be once again.

    DAMN! I'm starting to sound like a politician. :(

    1. Yeah, the place has needed some help foe a while now.You sound like a politician to me, just try to stick to your plans unlike the ones in D.C.

  8. Bkid, I guess if I get it then we'll see how it goes.

  9. I like seeing the pics of your finds. We're finding all sorts of stuff out here too but don't know what any of it is.

  10. Haven't had Bobby's BBQ yet, but hear it's great.

  11. Chris, I'm still finding stuff when I get the chance to look. Most of it is still found in the same small area.

    Denese, it is very good, but he's having trouble getting the brisked and its hard to catch him open.

  12. beautiful very interesting pics and rocks xx thanks dude for publishing them


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