Thursday, March 21, 2013

Legion Jam # 4

The 4th Legion Jam will be held Sunday the 24th. Its usually held on the last Sunday of the month, but being how that would be Easter this Jam was moved back a week. Not  sure who all will be there for this one (As far as musicians go), but I understand a few that have been there before will be missing and others that haven't been to one of the jams yet  will be there.

Hopefully this time there will be no accidents!


  1. If I were there, I would attend.

  2. DD, if they don't pot out maybe you'll be able to make one sooner or later. Hope you got what you needed to do done.

  3. So are Russian Brides.

    I'd really hate to bring back the word recognition, but it looks like it may happen.

  4. No Tffnguy...not the word recognition! I am half blind as it is :(

    How about just no "anonymous"?


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