Thursday, March 7, 2013


This morning's finds. Found a couple of very old winchester saddle rifle rounds. One was broken off. Also found some type of metal button and I don't have a clue what it was from. (Perhaps some type of uniform?) I found a few other odds and ends but still no arrowheads or spear points.  I am at least finding other interesting stuff.

The cartridges? I guess there's about 4 possibilities.
(1) a cowboy trying to shoot  lunch.
(2) one of Pancho Villa's gang shooting
(3) one of the  calvary shooting
(4) an Indian that just happened to have a Winchester saddle gun shooting.

Or I guess that could be broken down even more. (One of the above shooting at another of the above.)

Above is a massive chunk of flint I found under an Ironwood bush.

I was going to bring that back here to, but I laid it down to go investigate something else I saw in the distance. From there I forgot about it and couldn't find it again after that. :(

 Another large chunk of flint I just left where it was.

My trusty snake stick.

I'd figure this dates back to the Indians and what it was far I don't have a clue?

Out of place rock.

Above two pictures are of the button I found.

Button cactus in this picture. They are hard to see!

Very old Yucca stump


Turns out that what I thought was a button is volcanic.


  1. It is amazing what we can see if we take time to look. Interesting stuff you are collecting there. Keep it all together for future reference and write down where you found them.

  2. DD, I'm trying to keep a mental picture of where everything is coming from, but you know how that goes. For now it has all come from a fairly small area.

  3. There are so many treasures out there just waiting to be found.

    For a minute I thought those yellow flowers were Esperanzas.

  4. MsB, I couldn't say what they are???

  5. For a minute there - I figured Annie Oakley had dropped by Terlingua to shoot off buttons!

  6. I think that being in a place where you can find stuff like that is way beyond cool!

  7. Matt, Anna Oakley is down here, bur she just plays a fiddle.

    HJ, I'm starting to like this place a lot better now. (Except when the high wind and bad weather is occurring.)


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