Monday, March 25, 2013

Jam #4 Video and Pictures

Didn't take that many photos and I need to start doing a lot more of that than taking videos. It took over 2 hours just to upload the one above. I won't be uploading any more of the 16 videos I took last night. Most of the pictures below were clips from the videos. Proceeds go to help Judy pay some of her medical bills after the wreck last month after the Jam. As far as I know there were no accidents this time. Some of the musicians that were supposed to be there weren't and some that weren't supposed to be there showed up so it still turned out great!

Picture above Your's Truly and Donna Dancing.


  1. I enjoyed the video clip. Those guys sound real good and I got a kick out of that song. Hope all got home OK afterwards.

  2. DD, I think they are both music teachers or have something to do with the Terlingua school music department. Lots of unique songs are plaid there since the musicians write their own.

    As far as I know everyone made it home OK.

  3. music looks fabulous dude ...a video has sound a pic no, so i prefer both videos of the songs and some pics. videos are excellent man. miss not having been there, only in june i ll make it. thanks

  4. Pablo, the June jam should be on Sunday the 30th. I'd prefer to put up videos, but they take way too long to upload for now. I need to figure out how to cut the size way down on the camera or find a video editing tool that will let me resize them.

  5. Great song, thanks for taking the time to post it.

    Looks like a fun time!

  6. Thanks for sharing man. We almost made it out with the girls but had to stop in Study Butte for propane. Got a flat tire on the way there and then the hi-lift got stuck up under the truck and wouldn't come down. It was around 3 hours before we got back.

    We went out to Lynette and Robert's place over the weekend. Pretty sure we drove right by your place but didn't even realize it until we got back. I looked over and saw ratchet straps holding some tin down on the roof and thought "wow, thats a good idea" and then when I got back it felt like dejavu. I had to jump on here and track down a picture of your place and yep - sure looks like the same place!

    Anyway... hope to meet you some day. I might have seen your trailer with the water tank down in Study Butte one day too but I didn't see anyone that I thought looked like you.

    Have a good one

  7. Qkid, wish it didn't take so long to upload the videos or I'd upload a bunch of them.

    Chris, maybe you'll can make it on the 28th of April? Sorry you had the trouble. Yes I'm up the hill from the Dawson's so you almost had to have drove by.

    The trailer parked here was never in Study Butte and nor was the tank. I stayed at the BBMI for 4 months after I got here, but it was a different trailer.

  8. thank tffnguy, hope yu can figure it as ones here in Houston love to hear some of that music, videos do that job.

  9. I enjoyed the video. Thank you for talking the time to upload it.

    Now you might think I am crazy...but the guy dancing with the white ponytail and beard, does he not remind you of Billy Bob?

    A tall Billy Bob but with the antics of our BB...trying to kick that guy out of the way as he was dancing... jajajaja :D

  10. MsB, I think you are sort of right. BB and JL do resemble in a strange kind of way. He not only kicked his dance partner and mine to at times in the rear twice and tried to kick one of the other woman dancing in the rear to. I don't consider that funny in the least.

  11. The part of the video only showed him trying to kick a guy out of the way...did not see him trying to kick a woman dancing.

    You are right that is not funny nor is it gentlemen like! Two thumbs down for JL!!

  12. MsB, maybe if you watch it full screen you'll see him kick 3 times and all three are at or to womens posteriors. Two are the woman he's dancing with.


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