Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Woopsy Dupsy

Got the 1550 gallon tank set today with the help of Lee hauling it here and Dave Secor from the Legion fame helping. After that was set I made a trip to Study Butte for a load of water in the little 125 gallon tank on my trailer. (see below) I was a little apprehensive of making the trip since I had another blowout on the Jeep and don't have a spare again. Its also running pretty rough and still has the death wobble even after getting most of the front end parts replaced. (I have to keep it at 50 MPH or below to keep that from happening.) Sure makes for a long trip!

Now for the Woopsy Dupsy... After I got the valve installed in the big tank to run the hose to the pump I notched that the tank will have to have around 100 gallons in it just to get the water to the valve. I had about 125 gallons in the old tank and was in the process of transferring it to the new tank when I discovered that. I'm now transferring the water from the tank on the trailer so once that's done there will be about 250 gallons in the big tank, but only about 150 of it will be usable. Looks like more trips south for water. There's a 20% chance of rain tomorrow, but since I don't have the catchment set up yet that won't do me any good if it does rain. Oh well one of these days it will...

And on a side note it looks like the hose to the pump may be too short to reach the new tank. :( I also bought a 4 inch PVC street Ell to connect to the tank for the catchment when I get that setup, but after applying glue to it I found out it won't fit. $12.50 down the drain...

Temp now at 4:43 is 93 degrees.


A view of the bottom of the old tank. Wonder why I don't drink water out of it? Now you know.

A worthwhile short video. Got this from one of my nieces posts on Facebook.


  1. i wish i were there dude be able volunteer my work...plan be in summer june-july, hope might help. i need phisical exercise. looking very good man

  2. The project is coming along, it will just take time to get everything working the way you want it. I have faith in you, you will figure it all out.

  3. Can't you buy water at the mine anymore? That would be a whole lot closer. I know they tell you that you can't drink it but hell, the Study Butte water isn't much better.

  4. great progress Tffnguy...!!

    Good to see you last week.


  5. A free tank! You've got all the luck.

    Is the water at Terlingua Ranch HQ any closer? I think last time I was there they were selling the non-potable for .03/gallon. Might be better than driving down 118?

    Seems like the price of PVC has gone through the roof. I bought a bunch of pieces at bee mtn hardware for a project last summer and almost needed a loan.

  6. The white tanks let the sun light in and causes all of that yuck, black tanks are better at keeping the sun out. Do you add a little bleach to your tank?

  7. Pablo, there's always stuff to do around here.

    DD, for now the port where the catchment is supposed to enter I have it duct tapped up to keep birds from building a nest in there. I'll have to find out from RON what is supposed to go in there.

    Bkid, the water from the mine, TR and BBMI is all really lousy water (Unless BBMI has started filtering theirs. I will only buy water at the Cottonwood now because it is good clean city water. I hear it is RO. I buy drinking water separate anyway.

    Bigfoot, Wish you'll could have stayed longer.

    Quixote, That tank is the second thing I've wone in my life as far as I can remember. The first one was a cheap pocket knife probably 40 or so years ago.

    The ranch HQ is only with in a couple of miles closer than Study Butte from here and the water there is really lousy to. Also I'd much rather drive down 118 than the ranch road. That was the first 4 inch PVC fittings I've bought in years.

    Budweiserkid, The red stuff is actually iron oxide and calcite that settled out of the mine water. I always add a quarter cup of bleach to 275 gallons when I get it, but I think the water from the Cottonwood may already have some chlorine in it.

  8. I'm thinking about moving out there , what are the pro's and con's ?

  9. The pro
    Its a beautiful place some times.

    The con's
    Hotter than hell in the summer and windy as heel a lot of the time. Lots of sand storms on top of that. Very little rain. High cost of living.


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