Saturday, April 17, 2010

Critter Dirt

Got the form and base for the shower setup yesterday. unlike the floor in the It'll Du I needed the floor in the shower to be higher to allow me to add the drain. It just so happens that the Critters that dug all the holes out by the wind genny provided me with excellent dirt to use to build that up. What good little (or maybe BIG) Critters they were. Still haven't seen one of them and might just as soon not. I poured the pad also and it didn't turn out too well but with putting water on it it looks like it should drain ok. I'll have to trench out to the lower plateau and extend the drain out there to a holding tank or something. I plan to use the gray water for watering plants one of these days.

O'l Billy Bob is expected here at the dungeon today, but he spent the night in the Legion parking lot last night. Hope he didn't have a bad night because it got pretty windy around here again. Its back up again now so that may hamper my working on the shower. Did I say I could use a shower right now? Looks like it may be two or three days until my next one. I guess if he stays up wind of me he'll be OK?

Looks like some thunder heads building to the southwest and I think I heard some thunder while ago. Sure hope they are going some other direction! All in all its starting to look like it might be a crappy day!
This Morning


  1. Looks like you don't sleep in. I like sunsets as you don't have to get up so early. Mixing concrete will make you need a shower, hope it sets up fast!

  2. frann, just added another picture of a thunder head building to the southwest and added to the writeup. Unless things improve I may not get anything done to the shower today. :(


    Thought you'd like this page..

  4. Stand out side nekid with a bar of soap...Hope your friend makes it in brfore anymore rain.

  5. Pretty cool stuff there frann, I've always liked Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. (most of them anyway)

  6. Did that standing outside in the rain for a shower stuff on a mountain in Viet Nam and it was COLD! I'm getting too old for that stuff. ;) I can stand myself for another couple or three days so as long as no one else gets real close they should be ok to.

  7. Hey Guy!! Sounds like you gonna have company with ole Billy Bob at your place! I am headed down Sunday to see him , you and buddy Jim . So, how do I find your place? without getting shot at? :-)

    Feel free to drop me an email woods_ben at
    Keep in mind I'm another old fart ( but not as old as BB! so keep it simple. He told me it you are behind the American Legion ,, that right?

  8. Ben, the dungeon isn't behind the legion its south of it about a quarter mile. Turn in to the entrance to the legion (south side) take an immediate left on the road running next to the fence. (It runs north to south.) Stay on that road for about a quarter mile or so and you will be in front of the dungeon.

    I haven't seen the old codger yet and he may not like the place he'll have to park so... I guess we'll see when he gets here.

  9. Thanks for the quick reply, "Think" I got it straight, printed it out so I won't for get anyway. ( old age does that too ya :-( )

  10. David....if the sun don't come out pretty soon, old Billy Bob gonna be sit'n right here at the Legion. You call "this" wind?? Have ya ever been to Deming, NM??? This is a breeze.
    I guess after I get me a bite to eat, I may or may not head up the road to "el Rancho tffnguy". If'n I don't like the spot you have picked out for me, I'll just park in the road.

  11. Ben, there are two other ways to get here, but that is the easiest. The second is turning off of 118 down south from the legion, but in a motorhome that would not be a good choice because there is a deep ditch to cross to get in that way. The third you'd need a amphibious vehicle.

  12. BB, looks like you won't be making the move today then. Terlingua Weather Breeze or no Breeze I ain't going to be doing anything outside today unless it lays down!

  13. BiT you are welcome here. BB is not!

  14. Since Billy Bob chose to delete my message and the one the bar tender that graciously told him he could squat on the legion parking lot in his motorhome I'm posting my reply to him here.

    O'l Billy Bob say "What they been sell'n at that Legion place??? From "da house", it look like some kind of beer joint."

    Quote tffnguy:
    "Yep they sell beer there, they have a TV for people that don't have one to watch and will again soon have some damn good food there. They sell ice to people that don't have motorhomes with all the creature comforts (including internet) or even ice boxes. For now they even let cantankerous old farts stay in their parking lot for free and scab off of their WiFi so they can turn around and insult the place.

    Sorry Pal! You just wore out your welcome here. You might decided this place isn't up to your standards."

  15. I'm disappointed in your reaction to what BB said about the VFW looking like a Beer Joint. I know your a new guy in the neighborhood, and you have to live with the locals when everyone else goes back home.

    BB is the kind of guy who loads up his house in Deming and drives several hours to visit with you, and now you get your feelings hurt because he makes a joke, why don't you and the Bar tender step back and take a look at a silly situation that is going to do more harm to you than it is to BB. That's my view of the situation

  16. I have been following your blog for quite a while, also BB's. If you can not realize that BB was just joking, then maybe I'll just follow him from now on!!!!!!!

  17. River, the problem is that BB actually likes to piss people off. It shows in his post and he more or less admitted it in a message to MsB when she told him not to let his dogs poop too close to the dungeon. There are some things to joke about and some not. Beer Joint? If you want to call it that then that is your prerogative, but to stay there free, use their WiFi for free, gripe about having to have the dogs tied too close to the MH (He chose a place next to the highway they didn't make him park there) and then insult the place I don't call that a joke. BB was right. He wasn't in there other than to ask permission to park his MH in the parking lot. Dave was nice enough to let him do it. He didn't so much as buy a soda in there and the place is a NON PROFIT organization which benefits a lot of people other then just selling beer. They hold fund raisers in there to help people out, they have pot luck lunches to feed people that may or may not be able to pay for it and on and on. BB is the one that needs to step back and look at his posts designed as jokes OR just to piss people off.

    Oh and BTW BfA Dave DID identify himself in the message after that and of course O'l BB took it on himself to delete that post, the post Dave made before that and my post to cover his own posterior. He thought. And with that said do as you will...

  18. Oh no ... what in the world happened :(

  19. So anyways it looks like a good week of weather ahead...

  20. MC, I guess just a difference of opinion between a person with scruples and one without. I'm not saying which of the two I am.

    Scavenger, I'm trying to make hay or is that shower while the sun shines. Its mostly cloudy now though.

  21. Okay. I understand your response.

    Is there any way to fix it? or am I naive in hoping/wondering if it can?

    Lots and lots of rain in Abilene, and chilly weather ... I really am looking forward to my warm visit out there (hopefully soon!)

    Life keeps getting in the way of my wants, and needs take priority.

    Still love your landscape photos :)

  22. MC a leopard can't change its spots and I'm not changing mine so I'd say no.

    I'd heard from the eX through a VM that you'll were getting a lot of rain. Strange weather we're having.

    Don't let life get in the way just do what you have or want to do.

  23. and now we know the rest of the story...

  24. Ok David this will be my last response to the little misunderstanding at the VFW Hall involving BB, I just want to clear up some points and I think I can do that without creating any more hard feelings.

    As you stated in your point by point breakdown of the transgressions of BB,

    1.He parked on the VFW property for free
    2.He used the WiFi for free
    3.He didn't go inside and buy anything

    well even you stated that he went into the VFW Hall and asked permission to park there overnight, and the person in charge said that it was ok, at no time did he ask for a donation or a fee to park.

    BB was given permission to us the WiFi system without any charges, fact is BB has his own system to access the internet, so he really didn't need the connection but it was nice of the VFW guy to offer it.

    I don't think anyone told him he needed to go into the VFW and buy dinner or a few drinks considering the fact that he was in his house with his own food and drinks.

    It was not like he was hooked up to power, he was just parked in the empty lot.

    I just hate to see a friendship damaged by something as small as this.

    This is my last time to discuss this matter.

  25. I just got back from the slabs, I enjoyed your ideas about the shower drain. I was wondering if you used soil crete for that?

    As I have been reading,and catching up. Im just gonna leave that spat between my 2 new internet friends alone.

    As a character witness I have spent time with Billy Bob and found him to be a good ole boy! ( I mean that in the best of ways)just got to understand his humor and not take him too seriously.

    As a character witness I have talked to Tffnguy in Emails and on the blog and hope to hang with him some day soon.

    2 good guys , no need for me to say more.

  26. Gave up on getting the shower finished real quick and I wanted to get the water I paid for the other day and forgot to get + some food. So... it was another hot shower at the BBMI again yesterday. I'll probably start a new thread after a while that is sure to send chills up some of the ladies spines.

    On the way there and back I notices the "Da Sipp'in a Cup Joint" parked behind the TR sign by the GS.

    Now wait a minute. That doesn't sound right. "Sipp'in a Cup Joint"? We all know that is "Da House"

  27. No OGT, I used Quik Crete for the slab. Last time I tried mixing native soil and rock fragments it didn't turn out too good. That was the slab in the main part of the It'll Du complex. Of course the new slab didn't turn out real great either so I guess I should admit that I Ain't no pro concrete finisher.


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