Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Told Ya!
Pretty warm night last night so I had the door open late. I noticed something scampering from the bushes over to and under the Falcon. I shined the light under it and saw a couple of small eyes looking back at the light. I went out trying to find it, but it had disappeared. Then about 30 minutes later I heard a loud snap and figured it had met its end by the trap. Just checked while ago and that was the case. Looks like I'd be doing better by placing traps under the falcon rather then in it. Or maybe both.

Pictures are from last night. Was starting to look like more rain, but that didn't happen.


  1. I knew you'd like it MC. Isn't he purdy. Another thread tomorrow to introduce everyone to Pepper.

    On another note Buddy dropped off another 55 gallon rain barrel today. and had 3 more he wanted to let go of. I told him I was getting a 275 gallon tank tomorrow thanks to Dale, but I did take another one. I'll use one of those for for drinking water and probably the other for rain catchment or ice melt. I sure seem to have a lot of that now days. If anyone knows of anyone in this area that could benefit from one or more let me know and I'll try to let him know.

    On another note his female shepherd died unexpectedly and he didn't have a clue why. Hated to hear that. The male is a beaut and the female probably was to. They were brother and sister and the male sure seemed bummed. Of course so was Buddy. (Understandably)

  2. "The unicorn, through its intemperance and not knowing how to control itself, for the love it bears to fair maidens forgets its ferocity and wildness; and laying aside all fear it will go up to a seated damsel and go to sleep in her lap, and thus the hunters take it."
    Kinda scary!

  3. frann, I don't think many hunters would be going after this verity and damsel or not I think I'd stay away from those hind hoofs. ;)

  4. tffnguy,

    I took pics of the same sunset, only from a mile east of Terlinqua. It was pretty.

    Going to be at the Grub Shack around noon, so if you would like, come down and I will buy you lunch.

  5. Lol the unicorn picture David :-)

    The sunset pictures are pretty. I am so glad you caught another one of those rats.

    So sorry to heard about Buddy's dog.

  6. Dizzy-Dick, I appreciate the offer, but need to get this dungeon ready for my guests. Doing a long overdue cleaning so I need to stay around here. The offer still stands if you want to come up this way.

    Sunrises and sun sets are about always spectacular around here. Especially with clouds because the mountains cause all sorts of weird cloud formations. I guess updrafts and so on?

    MsB, the real ones never would show up in the pictures so I had to fabricate one. I knew you'll would have never been able to tell that so I decided to come clean.

  7. MC, it is if you believe it your heart. ;)

  8. Oh, I do ... I do.

    I love all your pictures today; just love Love LOVE them.

    Thank you, Mr. Tffnguy.

    *big smile*

  9. Still waiting for the troops and Pepper to get here. May be tomorrow before I do the new thread.

  10. nice photos! I hope the moth balls work.

  11. Somebody asked me if I had ever smelled mothballs before ... I fell for it :(

  12. MC, supposedly mothballs will run off rodents and snakes, but I've heard that is all BS. Dale and family brought some stuff that will take care of the rodents with extreme predigest though. He took a bunch of photos with his super duper camera and I was going to use them for the next thread, but unfortunately he didn't have the right USB cable to get them on this computer. Maybe tomorrow he can e them to me.

    Went to the Grub Shack for lunch and ran in to John Wells and Dizzy-Dick pulling in to his RV as I was taking Pepper for a walk down to the mail box. He came over and introduced himself. Great guy. He wants to buy down here, but said it might be a year or two before he can.

  13. Made it to Alpine. Decided to just stay here tonight. Will probably stop at Junction tomorrow night, and if we don't need to get home too soon, may stay at Bastrop State Park and then head home to Cut N Shoot.

    Really nice to have met you. I got to meet all the blog guys I post on except Ben. He took off an hour before lunch the other day. Hope to see you again, soon.

  14. Dizzy-Dick, glad you got to meet everyone and sure glad John gave you a tour of his place. Good to meet you to and hope you can become a resident here before too long.

    I used to go deer hunting in Junction (a nice place also) Been through Bastrop a few times, but never the park. As far as I know I've never been to Cut N Shoot before though.


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