Friday, April 30, 2010

Visitors today!

Left to Right MC, OGT, JustMe
I'd heard that OGT was headed this way and then heard that MC was to. I was sitting out front after rigging up a makeshift evap cooler all afternoon and up came MC. Wasn't 5 minutes after she got here and here comes OGT. OGT took us to dinner (Supper to some of us rednecks.) at Tevo's place. I wasn't real hungry, but the food was good so it all got eaten. MC is supposed to meet us back at the dungeon tomorrow at noon and then hang out with us the rest of the day. Don't know about them, but I had a great time. OGT also came bearing some gifts that I can probably use. Thanks OGT.


We all had a great time at the legion last night for the fund raiser. MC surprised everyone by singing Patsy Cline's  "I'm Crazy" and you would have sworn it was Patsy Cline singing it herself! Man can that lady sing! Contrary to OGT saying that he wasn't good enough on the guitar to do any playing also surprised everyone by doing just that anyway and danged if he wasn't also a good singer and did great on the guitar to. He also got to play some sort of home made wash tub bass thingy and did very good on that to. MC was more or less the Bell of The Ball and both her and OGT now have a lot of new friends and fans.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera there, but OGT did let me take some pictures with his cell phone so when he send them to me I'll post them also.

Also unfortunate that OGT didn't read his reservations all the way through and didn't think his plane from Odessa/Midland was supposed to leave until this evening, but then found out he had to leave about 4:30. We had planned Breakfast and some target practice this morning, but by the time they had gotten here it was really too late for breakfast and they had to hit the road fast to make it to the airport. :(  Just Me and myself did do some target practice and then she had to go get ready to head for Midland herself. All in all it was great to have the visitors and now its back to the old lonely grind around here.

More pictures from OGT's cell phone. I was thinking he took the one of MC and me with my camera, but it was with his cell. Unfortunately the ones in the legion didn't turn out to well, but the second photo is of OGT jamming out on the tub and the third is of MC being caught with the pool cue.


  1. I hope your evap cooler is working because its going to be 100+ there net week!

  2. Love to hear when bloggers meet up.

    It was nice of OGT to take you guys to dinner.

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the visitors.

    Did Pepper bark at them?

  3. Scavenger, it does work, but not as good as it should. For now its just a makeshift deal which I plan to remedy as soon as I can get back to Alpine and get the stuff to build one like I'd intended.

    MsB, Yes it was nice of OGT. MC went to Lajatis after we left Tevo's and OGT and my self checked out some of the land he was thinking about building on. I think he's decided to build on one of the others.

    Pepper went up to MC for a pet and barked at OGT. That's nothing unusual though. She seems to take up with women and kids and bark at men. Go figure???

  4. Bearing some gifts !! my favorite kind of friend...

  5. MC did to, but she forgot to leave it. A jar of honey. Yum Yum... Peanut butter and Honey sandwiches! I love them.

  6. This is the first time I hear of Tevo's, where is it located? Hope you have a great time today with your company.

    Tried to check OGT's blog but for some reason I always have a hard time accessing it.

  7. Great to hear Partner. Glad to see the Swamp cooler in the works. Know that will be a great thing. Not much time to write, here at the new place on air card. Fixin to whip the Robie aireless sprayer. It whipped me the other night. Got to figure out the tricks. You know! Really glad to hear Pepper is with you! You know how I feel about little friends. You take care and We’re Watching~

    Oh, send Dale my personal email, I need to chat with him. Thanks, TIGGER!!

  8. How nice of OGT to shout you guys dinner. "shout" is Aussie slang for "you're paying"

    Yeah, we're pretty weird down here.

    Also good to see the swamp cooler in the works.

    Is the heat dry out your way or does it get humid? Dry heat I can handle. Humidity, forget it.

  9. pip, thanks for the expression from Oz. Reminds me of one of my favorite Aussie questions...
    "Would you like me to knock you up in the morning?" (American translation - would you like me to wake you in the morning by knocking on your door?) Around here, to knock someone up is to get them pregnant.

    The heat is usually a very dry heat, though we do get late summer rains late July/early August that can make for a day or two of hot and humid. It's usually dry enough between rains that the rain evaporates readily and cools the place off quite a bit.

    I was privileged to meet MC and OGT tonight at the American Legion. A great time was had by all. They seem to be good folks and a lot of fun. They complained that I don't post much anymore, so I thought I'd say something tonight.

  10. MsB, Tevo's Place is a restaurant, motel and low grade RV park about three miles south of the Grub Shack on the west side of 118. I'm sure its been there for many years.

    I've been plenty busy so haven't been on OGT's blog lately, but I'm sure he will update it soon when he gets the chance and will likely also update it with pictures from his cell phone.

    Tigger, I figured you were staying busy since I haven't heard from you for a while. I think I just figured out the right combination on the swamp cooler and that is to use the 5 watt solar battery charger to run both fans in the case. I moved the one from the vent at the top in to the case to, but put screen over the outside to allow the two fans to exhaust through it. The fans run much slower which gives the evaporation process more time to happen and the air coming out is way cool now. Its also a LOT quieter because it got rid of a harmonic vibration with both fans spinning at full speed. I'll use the same basic setup with a wet sump and use one of the small fountain pumps OGT gave me to circulate water over the pad as soon as I get some 2 inch blue board to build the finished product out of. Will be nice not to have to keep going out and spraying down the pad because it heats up in here every time I open the door to do that. It should do a real good job of at least keeping it tolerable in the dungeon. I'll send Dale your email address.

    pipsqueek, Just me pretty well answered your question about humidity. Good explanation about Shout I might have thought you meant something else. ;) Was good of him and he is a hell of a good guy.

    Just me thanks for the burrito and enjoyed the target practice. We'll have to do that again. Maybe OGT and/or MC can be here next time.

  11. I'm sure Pepper appreciates the "lonely" ole grind remark! Lol, she may just head up 118 any day now. Sounds like yall had a heck of a good time, what were yall shooting this time? At the same targets? Pepper settling down with the visitor's around? Hopefully not still going after the guys. Good to hear the swamp cooler is coming along as well, yall take care.

  12. Dale, she is lucky to be alive. I was in here on the computer and noticed the extension cord being tugged off and went out to see what was going on. She had gnawed through it and had all wires bare. Fortunately it was the extension cord for the generator (which wasn't running)and not the inverter or she might have bitten off more than she could chew. Too much of that crap and you might see her back there with a nap sack on a stick in her mouth.

  13. Wow..Pasty Cline, sounds like fun. I have always admired people with musical skills, my job is to be the audience. Puppies will chew you will need lots of rawhide chews..or shoes!

  14. frann, she takes rawhide chews and hides them and evidently can't find them again. She's already destroyed 3 of my leather work gloves. She's chewed up a quilt and worked on a blanket before I caught her. Screwed up an electrical extension cord, and is now working on aluminum cans and rocks. If BB thinks he has crazy dogs he ain't got nothing on me!

  15. Glad to put a face to the nicks that post on blogger. It sounds like a great time was had by all.

    Miss Pepper sounds like she needs doggie obedience school :)

  16. Doggie obedience or a swift kick in the butt. I'll see what I can do on some replacement gloves, let me know what your needing and I'll send it out in a care package. Sorry to hear she's been chewing things up, I can't remember seeing that here.

  17. Sure sounds like you have been busy. The frogs here last night were so loud that they were almost defening. When I move to your area, I want to bring my 5 acre lake and the frogs along? Do you think that will work (grin}. I am starting to fix the place up a bit before we try to put it on the market.

    Don't always post a comment, but look at your blog many times a day. Thank you for sharing your life.

  18. I made it home in record time ... and, yes, I drove a little fast ... but, sshhh, don't tell anybody.

    (((Where is the picture of us?)))

    I forgot to leave your honey? Surely it's hiding somewhere in the dungeon ... I'm almost positive I left it.

    Don't worry, I have more :)

    I had so much fun. I want to thank you, and all of your friends, for welcoming me and making me feel accepted into your fold.

    It was hard to leave. If if weren't for my precious girls needing me at home, I would have stayed.

    But I do know this: God-willing, I WILL come back, with my girls, and we will make our home there.

    There is too much goodness and love down there to deny my children that, and if/when the doors open for us we will come to partake and share it.

    I love you, tffnguy. Take care of your extraordinary Self. Lots of people need you and look up to you.


  19. MsB, I think Dale got it right with her needing a swift kick. I thought I was more hard headed than her, but I'm starting to think differently now.

    Dale, I had quiet a few sets of gloves so learned to keep them where she can't get a hold of them. I also learned not to tie her up where there is anything I don't want chewed up. I still have a good supply of work gloves so no big deal. I can cut and splice the electrical cord.

    Dizzy-Dick, I wouldn't mind having your 5 acre lake WITHOUT the frogs. Hope you can get your place squared away and sold before long. We need more good people down here.

    MC, watch it or you'll give me the big head! ;) I found the Honey... Honey. Thanks. :) Your hot dogs hit the spot last night to.

    As far as YOUR friends they are already asking when you will be back down here.

    As for our picture I guess OGT didn't push the button all the way down and it didn't take. :( I was going to have a poster made of it.

    You are a class act so never change.

    Love ya to.

  20. I dont know where my mind was this trip but I not only almost missed my flight but I did forget my power chord for my laptop in terlingua. (borrowing one now).

    David , Thanks so much for dinner at Peppers, I thought it was better than the other place and the pork beef which turned out to be chicken made my day. Also no one mentioned that you treated us to beer and food at the Gatherin Place ( legion ). Thanks again.

    I am a firm believer that good people attract good people and after meeting all my new friends and family its no wonder Terlingua is the best kept secret in the lower 48 states.

    David also knew right where my land was. I wonder how? maybe it was because he named the road one of my properties is on?lol I guess I will just have to pick another road to name. maybe that one that borders the south side isnt named yet. Hmmm thinking. Maybe Tffnguy rd?

    Just Me, If I werent such a Guy, I would have got to see how you shoot and if that burrito was as good as you say it was. I'll take a rain check, and lookin forward to our mad scientist descussions.

    MC, you really do need to get down there, cause just by hanging out with you and Tffnguy, people didnt think I was such a stick in the mud. I guess its kinda love by association.

    Too much yet to talk about and pics to post so I'll save it for my blog. HAD A GREAT TIME AND LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AGAIN SOON IN A MONTH OR SO.

  21. PS just sent a few pics to your email!


    Saw this and thought of your shower..

  23. Posted the pictures OGT and added to the blog. Thanks. And BTW those burritos were probably a lot better than Just Me told you they were. Too bad you'll missed them and the fun afterward.

    frann, I'll check it out.

  24. I see a little Pepper pooch in the background

  25. Andy V, yeah I was wondering how long it would take someone to spot her.


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