Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yucca Soup

One of the legion members was asking about whether Yucca fruit could be eaten or not since there is plenty of it down here now. I did some searching online and found that it could and since there is a yucca a very short distance from the dungeon that is loaded with fruit I decided to make some Yucca soup and try it out. I ate a fair amount of it just to see what it would be like and whether there would be any side effects and a slight bitter taste was all. Some diced tomatoes, other vegetables or meat would have probably made it a decent meal. My conclusion would be that if you are hungry and didn't have anything else to eat it WOULD be a viable meal. I plan to try grilling some of it with BBQ sauce just to see how that turns out. To me it was about like eating a semi tough steak. That was after boiling it for 30 minutes with a little sea salt, course ground pepper (not the dog), and a few other seasonings. I didn't have any Rotel Sauce or tomatoes on hand to try it with.

On another note I finally got that shower I needed! Sure was nice and in my own shower!

 Found one of the Yuccas that was pre blossom so decided to try cooking the stem to see if it tasted like asparagus spears. It didn't, but wasn't bad and not as bitter as the fruit. There are others about to blossum so I guess I'll be trying the flower peddles next. According to the site I got the info from they are the best part of it to eat.

Anyone know what the plant or bush below is with all the red berries on it? No! I'm not planning to eat the berries. ;)


  1. Looks like okra, might try to fry some up. Sure am glad you cleared up the fact that it was not the dog ground up and put in your soup.

  2. Dale, I don't have a grinder big enough for her. Maybe you can bring one out next time you come? Some Yucca and Pepper tomales are starting to sound pretty good.

    Noticed a small owl out searching for rodents a while ago just before sunset. Looks like there is natural rodent control at work around here. Maybe even snake control? More online research I guess.

  3. GAS of the rear end kind. A noted side effect!

  4. i love Love LOVE yucca root ... peel it, and slice it, and boil just like potatoes ... don't need butter or salt or nothing ... has a natural buttery taste.

    love Love LOVE it :)

    Oh, I'm heading down your way tomorrow ... plan on meeting you Friday sometime ... you're still going to take me pool shootin, right?

  5. MC, small world. OGT will be down here to. Would have to be Monday on the pool. I'll try to catch Sunny and get her to be there then if that's ok with you. Saturday night they are having a fund raiser for the Terlingua Youth Softball kids and its $5 for a meal with local talent. Should be good.

    Don't think I'd want to uproot a Yucca to get at the roots.

    I should be here Friday, but if I'm not I'd be gone to the Legion for ice. Shouldn't be gone long.

  6. Added to this thread with more pictures and more eating Yucca.

  7. Andy V, She's getting better at riding in the falcon, but she still likes to hang out in here in the heat of the day when its hotter in here than outside. I have to force her outside and put up the snake screen to keep her from coming back in. She sleeps under the falcon so maybe she's starting to see it as a friend?

    OGT, if you have your guitar with you you could probably join in with the other musicians or maybe do your own gig? We would have to ask.


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