Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet Pepper

 Dale took a bunch of pictures and I hope he can get them sent to me pretty soon so I can add them to this thread. Was nice to have them here again, but the whirlwind trip sure didn't leave much time for fun. We did go to Bill and Caren's place to drop off a tool he had lent me. On the way there I pushed a lever on it and it broke off. I hate it when stuff like that happens. I  told him I'd buy him another one, but he said he didn't use it so no need. I think I know what kind of bourbon he likes though so maybe I can make it up to him with a bottle of that later on.

Back to Pepper, we went to the swimming hole and find that she likes the water. Was hard to keep her out of it, but then we really didn't try. She also likes my bed instead of the sheet on the floor that happens to be the mate to the one on my bunk. I'll be adding a pad to it and try to teach her that that is her bed and mine isn't??? If not We will go from there. I also found out she likes to chew up paper towels (on my bunk) so I guess I'll be putting a dispenser on the wall where she can't get to it.
Along with lots of goodies Dale and Rhonda brought me this is one of them.
A 275 gallon container (Food Grade) which had had soda syrup in it. Great shape to and now I need to get some black paint to paint it before getting it filled.

And back to Pepper... After physically removing her from my bunk 6 times I decided to try a short shot of odor eater shoe spray on the sheet in front of her. She didn't like that and evacuated the bunk ASAP. She is now taking a nap under the falcon. I decided to try something and that was to spray a light spray of that on the area of the bunk she likes and see if that stops her from going there. If not then we'll go from there.

We also did some target practice with Dale's AR-15 and 45 Auto which Pepper didn't like either. By the time we were finished she was most of the way to 118 and it took some time to coax her back to the dungeon.

I've also discovered that when Harleys go down 118 she walks to the door to investigate.

And now she's just in an out of here. Still very windy and I've smelled a lot of smoke in the air today. Hope its slash and burn in Mexico and nothing burning around here!


  1. Glad to see you got my pictures, I was hoping they all went thru. We made a quick trip to Odessa and had a tail wind most of the way, my mileage was 20.8 most of the way. Beats the heck out of the 9.8 we got on the same stretch of road yesterday heading in. lol Yes, the visit was too short, but we did get the stuff down that we wanted to bring out to ya. You and Pepper have fun fighting over the bed, hope you don't end up in the floor. lol Talk to you later.

  2. Dale, she is in her favorite outside hand out with her favorite rawhide roll toy now. She looks in on me every now and then. I guess I'm going to have to bolt one to the dungeon to keep her from carrying it out there and for night.

  3. New puppy? She cute, I don't really trust people who don't have pets. How far is the swimming hole from you?

  4. Frann, the swimming hole is probably about 5 or 6 miles from here. We got stuck by taking the wrong road. (my fault), but Dale managed to get out of it.

  5. nice Dog! That food grade container is what a few people use to get water out at the slabs. it works great they say.

  6. Hi Pepper!

    You're a cutie! If you are able, be sure to go to the vet and get your rattlesnake shot if you haven't done so already. You'll be glad you did! Hope to meet you in about 3 1/2 weeks.

  7. We are still on the way home. Glad I got a chance to meet you. That pup makes a nice addition to the dungeon.

  8. OGT, I want to paint it black before I put water in it. It is clean as a whistle inside and out. I can get 250 gallons delivered here for $35 so I won't have to try and carry it on my little trailer. It would never do it anyway.

    Littlefoot, The mutt did good last night and I think I finally got it across to her that my bunk isn't hers. I did make her a comfortable pallet though and she is taking a nap on it right now. BTW the power has been down area wide since some time last night. Didn't effect us off gridders other than I get my internet from an on grid site so I'm just now able to get connected.

    Dizzy-Dick, She is company and I'm sure I'll warm up to her before long. With the eX being a confirmed dog hater I'm just not used to being around them much. I think she is already warming up to me pretty good.

  9. I could not help but smile as I got a mental picture of you and Pepper fighting over the bed :-)

    Like that food grade container, specially nice that they will deliver the water to you. With summer just around the corner it will be nice to have enough water to take a shower whenever you need or want.

    Pepper will make a fine addition to your new lifestyle. Was she Dale's dog? I had no idea there was a rattle snake vaccine, good to know...

  10. MsB, I think Pepper was probably more Dale's daughter's dog than his? She was a rescued from a bad situation I think. She has only gotten on my bunk once since I made the pallet and kept putting her on it when she would get on the bunk. At least that time I only had to tell her 5 times to get off and she finally did. The other times I had to pick her up and put her off.

    I think that vaccine only slows down the effects of a snake bite to give you more time to get the dog to a vet, but they still have to go through the same thing as a dog without it would have to go through. Unfortunately I can't afford vet bills so it will just be a crap shoot.

    I don't know what spooked Pepper late yesterday afternoon, but she was way out back and came running up to the dungeon door like she had been shot. She was real skiddish after that and Bill (Littlefoot's hubby) came over after that and I had to tie her up because she kept barking at him and acting aggressive. First time I've ever seen her act like that! She seems to have settled down some now though.

    I told Bill I'd try to go over there today and see if I could get his bike running, but there isn't any wind so I'll probably see what I can get done on the shower and maybe do that tomorrow.

    On another note Pepper doesn't like riding in the falcon at all. After the trip to SB now I have to fight her to get her in the car. That causes a big problem!

  11. David,

    She's always been a bit difficult to get into a car, but once in she rides fine. I think that must be from when she was driven out and abandoned before we got her. You might take one of her rawhide sticks with you and see if that helps get her in the falcon easier. Was it riding in the falcon she didn't like? or just getting her in? I still believe she'll settle in with you and make a fine friend, she has a too good a disposition not to, imho. I hope things settle in day to day, I know it will take a little time if you can stand her that long, ;-). I'll send out another bag of rawhide's for her when I send these other things out to ya. Hope all goes well and the shower comes on along.

  12. Dale, she does ok while riding. Problem is as soon as I put her in she tries forcing her way back out and its darn near impossible to get in and get the door closed. When I went to SB she darted out as soon as I opened the door and was getting in. I didn't even see her do it and didn't see her until I backed up. Had to stop and go get her and force her in. I'll try one of the rawhide bones and see if that helps. We're warming up to each other pretty quick and she is spending more time under foot than out messing around. Yesterday evening is the first time shes wondered off far in a good while and I still don't know what spooked her so bad? Maybe coyotes or??? Might have even been illegals trying to get her? Maybe what ever it was will keep her a little closer.

  13. Needed to make an ice run and didn't want to fight with Pepper to get her in the falcon so... I decided to see what would happen if I took the trike. She followed me to the legion and back no problem at all. ;)

  14. That's great to hear! On getting her into the car, she had been dumped up near Rhome, TX and give to me by a buddy at work. I actually brought her home for my wife, and they took to each other very well, but I couldn't keep her in the back yard and was not going to have to tie her out. So the trip out to you was only her 3rd car trip since being abandoned. I could get her to stay in the car, usually after a little redirection with a hand, and/or with a firm "Pepper, no!" and she would be good till we got back. Although we never did leave her alone more than a few minutes at a time. I just think she more one on one, which is why we thought she'll be good for/with you. Yall have fun, I'm sure she'll keep you on your toes.

  15. You know how females are. If you don't watch it they'll take over the house, the bed and anything else besides your tools. I might have to build me a doghouse. ;)


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