Thursday, September 16, 2010


Or... Pretty Darned Good Food.
Had a hankering for some fried potatoes and beans, but didn't have any fresh potatoes so... I opened a box of Scalloped Potato mix and used the dehydrated potatoes out of it. I'll put back the sauce mix for something else later on. I boiled the dehydrated potatoes and some dehydrated onion flakes for 15 minutes to rehydrate them and then drained them. Heated up the skillet with olive oil and fried the rehydrated potatoes with salt, pepper and a few other seasonings. Warmed up a pan of beans to go with it, but discovered I was out of catchup so searched and found the catchup packets. Also used some of the Salsa Picante  Bigfoot left me when they were here for the brunch. Turned out to be a good filling meal with more left over for supper. Of course there will probably be a gas factor with that meal. ;)

BTW I have used canned diced potatoes the same way with good results, but didn't have any of those either.

Yeah I still miss Pepper, but not quiet as bad.


  1. Sounds pretty good to me. I love salsa or picante sauce as long as it is HOT. Makes all kinds of stews, etc. taste wonderful.

  2. Well DD, I forgot to mention that I put lots of Tabasco sauce on any anything I eat. Just seems to make it taste better. Even been known to drink that stuff in my younger years. Of course there was usually a bet behind that and I always won.

  3. That was some pretty clever cookin' there! Taters look good!

  4. Sounds good.
    Last night I had two 99 cent bags of Dorito's and a 24 onze bottle of Shiner Bach.

    I found the best way to drink beer is while sitting in my driveway watching another drug deal go down in the dysfunctional "Jerry Springer" trailer park down the street from me. "Gee, I could be living in Terlingua instead.

  5. Abby, lesson being that if there's a will there's usually a way to make it happen. You don't know how much I like fried taters and beans. ;)

    Captain, come on down. That's the whole reason I'm here. I'd be in the same shape otherwise, but I'd be in one of those seedy trailer parks or a likewise seedy apartment complex. I'll put up with the hardships down here anytime over that.

  6. Glad to see your still making do with what ya have. Just got off the phone with my oncology nurse, she wanted to tell me they haven't forgotten me. That the new Dr. is still reviewing my files and to stay positive. That's easier said than done sometimes, although I do pretty well at it as long as I can stay busy. Idle time is when my mind wonders a bit, so I guess it's a good thing I'm hardly ever idle, 90 to nothing seems the norm around here. Looking forward to our next visit out that way, just don't know when it's going to be, boo, hiss... Take care and we'll keep watching.

  7. Does indeed sound like a meal I'd eat. Just needed a good beer to go with it!


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