Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It appears that someone posting on Frann's blog was feeling left out about not being invited to the Brunch Sunday. Now since they posted as Anonymous I'd say that isn't anyway to get added to the guest list! Needless to say this isn't Denny's though and resources and food will be limited so it isn't likely more people will be added to the list unless they are from this immediate area and follow my blog. Just not room or food to put on anything bigger and for more people.

How this all got started is that Bigfoot and Littlefoot generally invite me over for brunch when they are down here. I told Just Me that I'd like to invite them over for brunch for a change and she said she would like to come also. She also said she would pick up the groceries in Midland before coming down here. James the surveyor has been there to so when I contacted Bigfoot about it and got the OK then I told him he could invite James to. Now that made 5 people, but knowing that Frann had just moved down here and Abby would be here the morning of the brunch I invited them. Add 4 more because both Frann and Abby have friends with them. That made it 9 people.

My brother in law RN will be down here to bring tires for the falcon and is bringing a co worker along so add 2 more making that 11. My neighbor expressed interest in coming so at first that would have been him, his wife and daughter, but the wife and daughter will have to work so scratch those two making the total now at 12. More than likely we may go to the Legion at some point and the bar manager Dave will be off so I also invited him making a total of 13 invited.

Who knows... If this is ever done again maybe it will be a pot luck where each person brings something +their own chairs, drinks and so on and then more people could show. I'm not looking for that to happen though.


  1. Update on the card
    I'd emailed Scott with Classic Country land about maybe moving the payment schedule for the land payment to Sunday or Monday for this month to give me time to activate the card. Haven't heard back from him yet, but it looks like the problem has been solved. My neighbor just stopped by and offered me a ride down south this evening so... I'll be able to activate the card without having to take the falcon down there. The other two payments I need to make will just have to be bumped up a few days. I'd rather pay a $5 late fee for those than get hit with possible banking fees and bounced card fee by CCL. (Would have probably been a lot more!)

  2. Just got back from a ride in with my neighbors the Dawson so the card is activated and all is good.

  3. Happy to hear that you got that done.

    Your brunch sounds like it's going to be quite the party. Hope it's fun for all of you.

  4. I am so glad you got a ride into town and were able to activate your card. The Dawson's seem to be great neighbors, if they are reading this I send them my sincere thank you's. Wish I were closer so I could have offered you a ride.

    Hope you guys have a great get together :-)

  5. Allen, its been mighty windy around here lately although cool. The wind seems to be staying out of the east to east northeast so the trailer should block most of the wind if that holds up.

    MsB, wish you could be here for the brunch. Hope all is going well for you. Haven't seen you posting much lately. I don't think the Dawsons get on here.

  6. Either the brunch went over real well and yall are still gorged from it, or wiped out from it. Patiently waiting to hear, well, ok, impatiently waiting... Hoping yall had a great time.

  7. Dale, the brunch went over real well and we all had a good time. Just updated the blog with a new thread.


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