Sunday, September 12, 2010

Too Pooped to Post / Shot at Pepper

Ok... here's the deal. Evening before last I heard the sound of Pepper jumping from the trunk or hood of the falcon to the roof. Not sure which because when I looked out she was standing on the roof. The trunk and hood both have dusty Pepper paw prints all over them.

I went out with the leash and whipped her with it and she didn't move a muscle so I picked up a hand full of sand and gravel and threw it at her which she hates and usually runs. Took a couple of times of dong that before she did though. She was in one of her stubborn moods.

When she did run she got behind some bushes far enough away to be out of throwing range and kept popping her head up looking back at me. I was determined to make enough of an impact on her to make her decide that getting on the falcon shouldn't be done so I went in and got the 380 and started to shoot around where she was. She took off north toward the legion and I didn't see her for a while until Dave at the legion brought her back down here. I think I'll write him off as an X-Friend!

Anyway she did go to the legion and Dave's nieces opened the door and she ran in. Took them a while to get her out because she was in one of her STUBBORN moods

Now you would think after going through all the trauma of what had happened she would have wised up and figured out that being on the falcon could be hazardous to her health, but guess where she was again yesterday morning. If you guessed on the roof of the falcon you would be right. More throwing dirt and gravel (without the shooting) put her on the run again, but not far away.

I guess something good came out of this because Dave's sister said she would take Pepper in and the three girls like her so with them and four other dogs maybe she will have a good home. I'll probably take her over there today. I guess if I ever get the hankering to see her again (NOT LIKELY) I can go over there to visit her.

About the too pooped to post part that will be the next thread.


  1. You shot at Pepper? Hope everything's okay............beautiful picture :)

  2. met abby today, smart lady.

  3. I bet you shot a nice picture of her :-)

  4. Na, as aggravating she is at times, he probably wanted to take a shot at her. I know she heads the other way when guns start firing, so she'd be harder to hit than a jackrabbit. lol Have a great day!

  5. ~mc~ I didn't actually shoot at her I shot around her. If I'd wanted to hit her I would have.

    Nick, she a great gal and a lot of fun to be around.

    MsB, nope no pictures just hot led. (See above)

    Dale, you are right. Shooting seems to get her attention better than anything. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a deterrent to keep her from doing things she isn't supposed to do though!

  6. Seems like Pepper is doing exactly what she was designed to a dawg. Dogs are strange creatures in their pursuit to train their masters. They'll do things most other animals would never think of to "get attention" climbing up on the roof of a Falcon. Hopefully you will find her a home that can accept her antics as "just a dawg". You tried Dave, but you're not willing to change.

  7. tffnguy

    As per pepper' you gotta go what you gotta do. Pepper is a dog that needs a job. Someplace to burn off her energy' she would make a great drug sniffing dog at border checkpoints. I got four dogs that I trained and they have trained me. They all see me as the alpha and they all need attention. I hope things work out for you and Pepper.

  8. David, you need to give Pepper up as soon as possible. What you are doing is not only cruel it is illegal. Please place Pepper with the humane society so they can place her in a home or give her to the people you say you are going to in your blog here. If you can't do either one, let me know and I will come get her (even though I am 8 hours away) and I will find a home for her. These are not legal training methods you are using --they are cruel.

  9. Met Nick yesterday - smart fella ;)

    David, sorry to hear Pepper has been such a PITA. I hope her new home works out, and maybe you can visit her once in a while. I'm sure you'll miss her, just not some of her behavior. Be sure to send her toys along with her - the other dogs will probably have a blast destroying them :D

  10. What the hell did I say Kathleen! She will be with her new owners shortly. As for you do your self a favor and NEVER come around here again. I don't like you worth a damn and from what I've heard from many others around here they don't either.

    As for legal training methods? Lets put it like this... If I catch any man, woman or beast causing damage to my property around here I'll be much more precise in my aim and that is legal in Texas.

  11. Abby, I suspect Pepper will eventually be much more happy at her new home and I'll be much more happy missing out on all of the fun she has dealt out for me. I will miss her in ways, but not enough to keep her.

  12. Pepper will undoubtedly be happier with other dogs for company.

  13. I never realized how good of a dog hell dog is!


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