Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ARG... Server problems!!!

I've been trying to get my site working off of the new server for several days and actually thought it was for a while there. (Just happened to be a time when the old server was actually working like it was supposed to.) Now I find it was still working off of the old server and I'm having to jump through hoops to get it setup to go to the new server. Its totally offline now. :(

Of course having to juggle the desktop between the times of enough sun light, enough wind for generation and running the charger sure isn't helping this situation at all. The USB keyboard should be in some time tomorrow so that should help some, but with the help of support (Not from the new server provider) I hope to have it back online before long. The site has close to 5000 members and some get rather bent out of shape when they don't get their Falcon Fix. ;)


  1. Tffnguy

    I want my Falcon Fix!

    Maybe go in with John Well's on a batch of "Field Lab, Terlingua or Bust's" T-Shirts. I bought three t-shirts from John Wells already and he told me he's made a nice little profit on t-shirt sales alone. This could make up a little cash for some "really good used hardware" and help pay for bandwith. I would pay $20.00 for a "Terlingua or Bust" quality T-Shirt in that includes shipping and handling. John Wells used a well made brand of t-shirt that should last three years. "The Field Lab" on the front of the shirt, and "Terlingua or bust" on the back, or the other way around. I'll send you check for $20 bucks when your ready.

  2. cc, I've tried t-shirts, caps, bugs, license plate holders and about everything else for my site over the years and sold few and the profit just wasn't there. That's with nearly 5000 members. Not likely that I'll try it on the blog.

    And on another note I'm still jumping through hoops trying to get my site back on line. Hopefully today some time???


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