Monday, December 6, 2010

Bills Bills Bills!

Got the phone bill today and they are stiffing me for $110. Got to register the falcon and trailer this month. (About another $100), Had to have my main site moved to a new server and that will double the cost of the server. Spending more $ on gas to run the charger so I can use the desktop at night. I sure hope nothing else jumps up and bites me! Thanks to Dave the legion's bar manager's sister I should have a USB keyboard in there Wednesday some time to see if it will let me start using the laptop again. I sure hope so!


  1. Tffnguy

    Next time I go out to Terlingua, I will pay $$$$ for a special "Legion Beer tasting tour". If those fancy California winery's can have paid tasting tour's, you can too. You can also sell "Terlingua or Bust" T-Shirts and bumper stickers. Come next chili cook-off, you can make a little extra income.

  2. Yikes! What's up with that phone bill? How did they break it down?

  3. cc, I'd have to pay JW to make the shirts for me and since I don't do t-shirts without pockets and don't have a sewing machine that leaves those out.

    Abby, all the bill says is:
    Local Service Total (without taxes) 101.88
    Local Service Total (including taxes) 108.28

    $1.74 was Long Distance so your guess is as good as mine as to how the break down goes. LD is 7 cents per minute.

  4. LOL...we are in the same boat! Ol' Wild Blue Yonder nailed my account for $300.00 I only clicked on pay 58 bucks. I have sent them a nasty email..for 300 bucks I could have had more batteries and DSL! I understand they should get a set up fee but a little notice would have been nice.

  5. Remember Pearl Harbor!

  6. David, FIRST for 2011. Hang in there. Dennis

  7. Frann, I thought wild blue had free setup? Sure doesn't sound that way. I remember standing on the deck of the Arizona during the attack. Humm... must have been in another life. ;)

    Dennis, you would be second. Already promised the first spot. I still plan to start that on the 15th as usual, but with the computer problems and trying to take care of the site move + a few other things I don't have the 1011 badges ready and unless things change I may not by then.

  8. I see life's little money problems don't go away when you're "retired". Bummer.

  9. I love the days when I come home, check the mail box..... and it's empty.

    Good luck with your bills. I hope you look into them and see why they're a surprise. If you let it go and just pay it, you've just let the corporations step on you.


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