Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Years Eve Party (revisited)

Update on the NYE Party. This thing seems to have snowballed and has gotten out of hand as far as having it here! Between a few locals inviting themselves, some whining because they didn't get invited after someone else told them about it and my inviting a few others there could be as many as 75 or more people planning to attend. I've lost track of it and have decided the best way to go about it now is to host it at the Legion.

The deal is now that it will still be a BYOB if you want to drink the hard stuff. You can bring in Wine, but the beer will have to be bought at the legion. I have negotiated the price of the beer being Happy Hour prices through closing time though. $1.50 per beer instead of $2.00. The Pot Luck Lunch will be a Pot Luck Dinner at the legion since there will be facilities there to handle it unlike here. Bring some kind of dish if you can and if not we'll hope the food goes around.

I figure we can still meet up here about 3:00 and visit (Maybe do some shooting?) and probably a lot of BS'ing and then head for the legion about 6:00 for the dinner and party. The legion will have to be closed at straight up midnight (Probably will close at 11:30) and those still standing can come back here to see in the new year.

After that anyone that lives close by should be able to head home and anyone that lives a fur piece either needs to have a tent setup here or make other arrangements near by. Hopefully anyone who can't do that can stay here. (Men in tents and woman inside) or if any of the woman want to stay out with the men then what ever.

I think we can have a fun night.


  1. Unfortunately, I'm not gonna make it down. Spent mucho dinero at the vet last month, so no funds for a Terlingua trip :( I think my next window of opportunity will be Memorial Day week. Hope to see lots of pics afterward and I'll raise a toast to y'all that night!

  2. Abby, sorry to hear about the vet bills and that you won't be able to make it. As much trouble as I've been having lately I'm not even sure I'll make it.

  3. Tffnguy

    Im glad your gonna have fun New Years. I would have liked the target shooting. Nothing says "Texas" like guns and beer.

  4. Sounds like a plan..

  5. cc, wish you could be here. I'd like to try out that M-14.

    Frann, I think its the only plan. (If most of the people that plan to show do.) Just 4 more days to the trip. Time sure flies.

  6. Tffnguy

    I took the M1A out yesterday to the local gun range to have the scope "sighted in for a small fee". I was informed that the $150.00 scope mount "may have to have part of it, leveled with a machine tool". Before I go re-machining a precision part, I will get a second opinion. It was a let down to say the least. I gotta fall back on an old saying. "Anything worth doing wont be easy"
    I will bring the M1A down this spring/summer to Terlingua.

  7. Your party has gone viral! Sounds like it's going to be a blast. Looking forward to seeing the pix. Have fun.

  8. Hard to tell Allen. I'm sure quiet a few that plan to be there won't, but if even half of them show it should be fun. I'm not sure the Legion could handle 75 people.

  9. If my van was in good working condition I would have loved to have spent New Year's at your party...maybe next year :-(

  10. MsB, its starting to look like there will be a lot more men than women. :(



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