Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lunch at the Legion / Pepper Update / TFFN Update

Sunrise a few mornings ago.
There was a Pig cooking under that mound of dirt.
Some of the cooks. :)
Potatoes and ears of corn about to be roasted.
Waiting on the grub.
Killing time waiting on the grub.
Pepper (Now Athena) at the legion. She fell out of the back of a moving pickup a while back and bunged up one of her hind legs. That was a good while back and she still doesn't use that leg a lot so she may never be the jumper and fast runner she once was?
Digging up the roast pig.
About to get to the pig.
There it is in the burlap bag.
 More pictures later.

As for the progress of TFFN, well I still wasn't having any luck with the server provider doing anything so as I type this I'm uploading the whole site from here in the background. It is still going to take a good while to get the site going. I thought the last server provider was bad, but Hostgator (tm)  really really really SUCKS!!!


  1. Nice pictures. Bet that pig tasted pretty good. Sorry to hear about Pepper hurting her hind leg, did she recognize you and look happy to see you?

  2. Yes MsB, pepper is always glad t see me. I usually see her there on the weekends. The pork was GREAT! ;)

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all the former pepper is such a cute pup..

  4. Yum. Nothing like a pig roast. Hope Pepper/Athena heals soon.

  5. Frann, wish you could have made it. All of the food was great and the pork was so tender it was falling off the bones. The legion will keep the underground pit there for others to use later on. That will make it real nice!!! Should work for other type meats to.

    D-Rose, wish you could have been here to. If Sunny was right one of your friends was there. If so she can be seen in the 5th picture.

  6. I saw a fire behind the Legion when I was driving by recently, and I wondered what was going on. Thanks for the update. BTW, if you need any help uploading your site, I'd be happy to upload part of it on using my link. Might make it go a bit faster.

  7. RV Rover, I've already got about half the files moved. My main problem with hostgator is the LOUSY support. I think they are also working on Terlingua time and only answer tech requests when they feel like it. I wouldn't recommend their service to my worst enemy!

  8. Any chance on getting a sketch of how that roaster is set up? I can almost smell it...

  9. Big Wooly, as far as I know its just a 55 gallon drum with a removable lid buried in the ground. Sticks out of the ground about 4 inches. Then quiet a bit of wood is burned in it with the lid off. I don't know just how much wood they burned, but there were still a lot of burning embers when they placed the pig in it, put the lid on it and covered it with a large mound of dirt. The fire in the drum heats the ground and that helps cook it to. The pig was wrapped in a burlap bag that had been soaked in water and then placed directly on the embers. The pig actually rested at about half way up in the drum so I guess enough wood had to be burned to make ashes and embers at least half way up the drum. It cooked for about 24 hours and then the dirt was removed with shovels, a broom and paintbrush to keep any dirt from falling in once the lid was removed.

    Believe me the pig was roasted to perfection and the meat was falling off the bones and tender as heck!

  10. Good News David, though it will be too late for your current predicament. Just after you left, this guy I have not seen before came into the bar. He noticed the laptop sitting there, and told us that he is a contractor from Ohio. He is down here working for Big Bend phone for the next moth or so. His job is to upgrade the DSL system in the area. He says there will be a large speed increase in the next few days to a month, depending on which part of the ranch you are on. He could not give a number, or whether or not there will a pricing plan change. He was talking about possibly TV over the lines, so it would have to be fast. here's hoping...

  11. Dave, that sounds like great news. I guess we will see if and when it happens. Hope our part of the ranch is in on it. TV would be great, but higher speed would be a good thing. Maybe they need to work on next. ;)

  12. I highly doubt big bend would get into the tv business, but i think he was saying that the lines would be fast enough to support it.

    Yeah, blogger needs some serious help. Last night, when i was trying to comment, i clicked the sign in button. took about five minutes to finally work. then i have to go back to your blog, another five minutes. then i have to get back to the comments section, another five minutes. Google should really upgrade the servers for the site, or at least have a spill-over server for the peak times.

  13. So sorry to hear about little Pepper. Hope she eventually gets better.

    The pig roast looks and sounds great. I like your description of the cooker and the process. It's about how we used to do it in Carolina. The folks I saw doing it up there just dug a large hole, big enough to hold a whole pig laying on it's side, about three of four feet deep. Then they would burn a lot of wood in the hole like y'all did, and wrap the pig in burlap like y'all did. Next, they would wrap chicken wire around the pig real tight and secure it with wire ties. This would keep the pig from falling apart as they pulled it out of the pit after cooking, and gave them something secure to grab ahold of. They would cover the pig with a piece of corrugated tin roofing to keep the dirt off, then cover it up with the dirt to finish cooking. The rest of the procedure is about the same as you described. It's amazing how well this works. I've seen a cook here in Dallas cook a couple large fish like this, also.

    Hope all is well.


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