Monday, February 8, 2010

Done & Not Done

I've got too much junk in here to show the whole thing because I'm trying to get stuff moved from the tent back in here and straighten up the back storage area so I can build some shelves in there. I could put that storage area to a lot better use with shelves! I'd intended to frame up the walls and sealing with 2x4 studs turned sideways to conserve space in here, but what you see is no frame work at all. I did frame up the false floor and then the blue board is taped to it and then again at the top. There was a half inch rim around the top of the container just perfect for the half inch blue board to fit in so I used that to put the blue board in and then taped it off to the sides of the wall. I cut some old shock poles to the length I needed for trusses to support it in the center from the walls.

As for the welder I'm still out of luck. I picked up some 1/16th inch rods in Odessa and set at 40 AMPs (the lowest setting) it will strike an ARC, but then kicks the breaker on the welder. Now I understand why John uses 30 AMPs on his welder because I think my generator is about the same output. Looks like I'm going to have to save up some $ and buy a small TIG like my brother in law has. It will stick weld beautifully on the same type generator. Those 1/16th inch rods sure go fast though!


  1. So how did the tent hold up last night? (just curious...)

  2. It was still standing and is now, but the wind is so high I had to go out and adjust the dish because it moved it around . I guess by in the morning I'll know how sturdy the tent is or how well anchored it is.

  3. Boy howdy how things shape up when ya put your mind to it. When I first met ya back in...what was it, bout Aug?...I were think'n, "this guy got a plan".
    So great to see a plan come together....even with the hardships of winter. Good job.
    Ya come a long way in so little time. Hope to see ya again in a couple months....or so.

  4. I heared guy who insulated a container in Alaska, he said it really keeps the heat in. I cant say I believed him at the time. Looks like those things might be supper efficient. wonder how they would be in the heat?

  5. That foam core insulation board sure looks good inside the container. Sure brightens up the place. The fiberglass poles holding it to the roof is a great idea! I'm really glad it's working out so well for you. I like your idea about framing out the walls with the studs turned sideways to save space. Little by little you have it shaping up very will. Good for you, and good luck with the next phaze.

  6. Thanks for the compliment BB. I recon you'll have a place to park here if you like. Just don't block my internet signal or I'll have to hack in to yours. ;) Speaking of which. I just got through remounting the dish and tightening it up so if it moves now then this dungeon will have moved to.

    OGT, I imagine you throw enough insulation at a container and it will do in any kind of weather, but I don't think R3 will be near enough. I suppose I could triple or quadruple the sheets of blue board and MAYBE it wouldn't be too bad. Its doing good now though. When I open the blue board door in the morning it turns in to a meat locker in here in a hurry! The 4x3 foot window faces the east so once the sun comes up it warms this place up nice even with it being cold outside. I may have to put an awning over it in the summer. With it and the door open on warm days it isn't bad in here, but then again opening the back blue board door and it is hotter than hell in the storage area. Actually I hope to be living outside of it in a new cabin by then though.

    Allen, hopefully the next phase will be building outside rather than inside and scavenging what I've done in here for the new build. Hopefully I've gone about as far as I need to with this. Should get me by until spring.


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