Friday, February 26, 2010

More Exploring

Another one of those windy mornings to deal with. Don't look like I'll be completing any major projects outside today unless the wind lets up. I have plenty I can do in here (like clean this dump up and go ahead and start organizing stuff in the back storage area) If I start getting cabin fever I'll go out for a while and brave the cold cruel world for a while. I'd intended to take the trike to the Grub Shack to get block ice, but looks like that's out so I guess its the falcon and more gas being burned than needs to be. The trike gets 40 MPG city and I've never tried it on the highway so don't know what the mileage would be for that? I think the falcon gets maybe 18 on a good day. (highway)

Bill and Jackie had come over for the second time day before yesterday for a visit and they were wanting me to go over there and check out Bill & Karen's place. I obliged yesterday and they not only have a very large house for the area, but it is going to be something else when they finish! I thought I had a nice view from here, but the view out their back door and from the back porch is nothing short of breath taking! Absolutely beautiful. If ever invited over there don't turn it down!

This is the first morning I've charged the batteries as a full 800 AMP hour bank. Before I've always charged them in two separate banks of 400 each. Just wanted to see how this will work out and if it doesn't then I'll switch back to a main and backup. I still have two batteries that I'm trying to get to come around, but one is being very suborn and not wanting to take a charge. The other one is coming along ok though. Its starting to look like out of the 15 batteries only one is going to be a dud since Robert (the guy I gave the 8 volts to) Said all five of those were doing good. I'd have kept those, but didn't want to setup a 24 volt system because I don't have a 24 volt inverter or charger. It looks like with the one dud I'll either have to get another good one or live with an 800 AMP hour system. That will still pass the Big Bend Telephone requirements for me to get a phone and DSL when the time comes. I did talk to one of their field guys and finally nailed down exactly what requirements I'll have to meet to be able to get them to bring service in here. I should be able to make that fairly easy. According to him having a permanent structure isn't one of the requirements so once I can get the genny up and meet the other requirements I should be able to apply and have it in here within 90 days. He seemed to think the 500 watt wind genny was a little light on its own so I may have to come up with another genny or add some solar. I have a small 6 volt solar charger thanks to my bro in law that I can keep the one good 6 volt battery charged with to run the small 6 volt light over the computer. It is bright enough to allow me to be able to use the computer with only it and the solar lights. I guess doing that with 6 volts only I could still brag about having 1000 Amp Hours of batteries because according to Billy Bob I could claim the full 200 AMP hours of a 6 volt system.

About the Pyrex baking dish? Your guess is as good as mine. I was doing more exploring yesterday and this time it was the northwest quarter of the land. I stumbled across the dish partially burred but upright in the far north west corner. Must have been something left behind by a P.O. or maybe someone camping years ago. It had been there for a LONG time, but would have had to be after the invention of the microwave. I transplanted it to the location it is now. As near as I can figure who ever left it behind was either watering a dog or maybe they put poison in it to kill coyotes? It was about 50 feet in to my land and about another 50 feet on the other side there has been some dumping and camping many years ago from the looks of the trash there. Glad it wasn't on my land!

Maybe the second photo was a pet's grave?

For what ever reason I am unable to post replies or even post in the comment area of my own blog. I may start commenting on the other blog I started if I can't get this BS straightened out.


  1. Hey Unc,

    I'm hoping your wind starts letting up myself, as it's just a couple of weeks now till we head that way. I've got all my time off, as do the girls being out of school. So we should be able to have a good visit, and not be hurried. I've been told, and read, that Hwy 90 from Study Butte to Lajitas, then on out 170 is a nice ride. Do you think the trike would make it? You'll have to get her out on the road and see how far you can last. :-) We're looking forward to it, I'm really looking forward to a clear dark night sky. I love the stars out like that, they always seem to explode out in places like yours. Take care, Ronda and I check in here many times a day to see what else you've come up with.


  2. Dale I'll try this again. Yes this place is a biker's Mecca and there are many places to ride that are great. You'll probably meet a lot of other Harley riders down there to. As for the trike making it that far? It would, but I wouldn't.

  3. That's what I was getting at, I said you'd have to get her out on the road and see how far "you" would last. lol Yes, we are really looking forward to it, get out of town for a while and recharge the batteries. I'll be talking more to you about as it closes in.

  4. Hwy 170 paralleling the Rio Grande (through the State Park) is one of my favorite drives :)

    Hope you have a pleasant weekend, tffnguy.

  5. Same to you Mama Crow. Hope this posts!

  6. It posted :)

    Sorry you're having such a time with commenting/posting.

  7. 800 amp hr battery bank is no small thing. Your the master trader.

    I heard internet in that area is having alot of trouble lately.

  8. State route 170 from Study Butte through Lajitas and on to Presidio is known as The River Road. It closely parallels the Rio Grande, and is widely considered to be one of the best scenic drives in Texas. By motorcycle, car, bicycle, mule, boat, or afoot, you'll love it!

  9. Cool, thanks, I've heard good things about it, we're looking forward to it.

  10. Testing Testing 1...2...3...
    Yeah, I think you'll will love it Dale!


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