Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nice Day for a walk

Around the south west quarter of my land. Just decided to post a few pictures I took while exploring. Its been a nice day, but could have been warmer. Was a heck of a lot better than yesterday though!

My Blog now?

Been trying to post a reply to this blog all morning without success so you can click on the above link to read it. I may follow OGT's lead and move mine to because I have way too much trouble posting here from time to time! You can still reply here IF you can. Not sure what the problem with me posting is???


  1. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for taking the time to share with us, and I'm glad today was a heckuva lot better than yesterday.

    Abilene's weather was full of crisp sunshine ... a very welcome relief.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I went for a walk around my place today and found 5" of new snow and 30 degree temps. At least I can look and your pics and dream...

  3. Actually I goofed by making that one big photo because the frames came out too small. I've redone the picture and made it in to two so it makes the frames larger on each one and easier to see what it is I took the pictures of. Hope the weather warms up and gets nicer where you'll live. Oh and sorry about the same picture twice on one of them. Don't know how I pulled that off? Gifted I guess. Duah...

  4. I know some people who would say, Is that the moon. but to me that is heaven

  5. What I see when I look around at the places I took those is wonder. Like the shots of the red boulders

    laying alone in the middle of totally different terrain and only the surface strewn with the thin

    sandstone rock fragments. Clearly those small boulders are out of place and didn't come from around

    here, but they are there all alone. Then the picture where it shows nothing but rocks on the surface.

    Most of that is quartz and shocked quartz and again they just don't fit there. The pattern they are

    laying in looks like a giant hand just tossed them like dice on a crap table. The plant life is very

    diverse and it goes from one type to another in just a matter of a few feet. In that corner I found

    that the Ephedra next to the guest house isn't the only larger one around. In that corner of the land

    there are many and most much larger. I also see a place unlike where I came from where your neighbors

    can't hardly walk between your house and theirs without having to turn sideways to allow you to pass

    and when you mow between the houses you can't help but mow some of your neighbors to. Where the streets

    aren't so full of parked vehicles that there is only one lane of traffic that can pass at a time. I see

    a lot and I like it so that's really all that counts. The pictures were for those who see it a little

    like me and not the one that don't see the wonder in it.

    I also see hard times ahead, but also see fun times ahead to. Perhaps some day a woman who isn't so in

    to material things and feel that they need to hang out at the beauty salon, nail and pedicure place,

    trying to look like a super model and hang out in malls that they would never think about living in a

    harsh place like this. That's probably stretching the dreams a little too far though.

    Ia I was composing this offline because of problems I have sometimes loosing post while trying to post

    my brother in law sent me the below link so I decided to post it. Perhaps this old woman knew what it

    was all about.

    The Mystery

    Everyone Loved

  6. Dave, thanks so much for posting this link. I used to see her around Terlingua every time I came down, and hadn't seen her in a few years. We all wondered what had happened to her. I got some great pictures of her. This was a very good article.
    I loved the pictures of your land. You're right, you have to look at the landscape around there with different eyes. The beauty there is different than other places, but no less real.
    Cheers, and good luck.

  7. Allen, I'd heard of the woman, but had never been down here when she was living. It was a very good article.

  8. Yeah david, great article thankyou! She seemed to be no different than any of us,she just dealt with life on her own terms.

  9. [IMG][/IMG]

    Out for a drive and spotted this. Immediately thought of you, stopped and took a couple of pics. Now you have a model to go by LOL... Of course from what you've said about the wind, I think I'd be going below the earth line rather than high rising!!

    All the best to ya,


  10. Great link for the containers! Seven 40 ft containers is 2380 sq ft; that is a lot of living space...


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