Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mormon Tea

 I was sitting around here feeling like dead lice were falling off of me and couldn't get the motivation to do anything except try to take a nap, but not having any luck with that. So happens that one of my neighbors Bill of the (Bill and Caren) fame from John Wells site and first wedding ceremony he performed had stopped by some time back and pointed out an odd looking bush growing real near where the guest house is now. He said it was Ephedra (otherwise known as Mormon tea). I'd seen an episode of Survivor where Less made some tea from one of the plants to suppress his appetite and give him energy so I decided to try it myself. Seems to have worked because at least now I'm not about to fall asleep. I also have asthma and bronchitis so I figured I might get another benefit from it. So far I'm not running around the block or anything like that thank God because out here that could be miles! As for the taste it wasn't bad while drinking it. Would have probably tasted better with a little sugar and lemon though? The after taste wasn't so good though so a beer was called for to help with that.You can read about Ephedra on the link below where I found the Remedies For snip it. I don't advocate anyone else doing this. Just saying I did it, but then I'm said not to have good sense at times. ;) I've found quiet a few of those plants growing around here, but so far most are small. Looks like I'm going to start using my ice melt water to start watering them. Hay! I'm a Farmer now!

According to: Holistic

Remedies For:

Diaphoretic, bronchial dilator, diuretic

Induces perspiration, warms coldness, relieves wheezing, moves fluids. It is used for common cold, wheezing, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and edema.

Useful for:

    Common Cold
    Hay fever
    Weight loss and obesity

Ephedra is used to treat asthma, hay fever, the common cold, and as a weight loss aid.


  1. Just a heads up: you might want to be quiet about those plants. If they are truly "ma huang" aka ephedra... which has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 5,000 years ... you may not know that it has been banned in America thanks to the FDA, and is therefore on the dangerous/illegal list.

    I'm all for holistic health, and a strong advocate of it.

    I've made stranger tonics (oleander, for cancer, immediately comes to mind) so I think it's great you have the iniative to go outside the box.

    You can add raw honey to bitter tonics ... and maybe even preserve in vodka, but I'll have to research ma huang's properties to see if that's feasible.

    Me, personally, I'd want to look further into it ... and would also want to make sure your soil is not contaminated with mercury ... I think I've heard the area was rich for mercury mining?

    Anyway ... fascinating post!

    You need to checkout colloidal silver and lobelia for your asthma and bronchial troubles ... also food-grade peroxide ... do you have a nebulizer?

    You ought to check into getting a small, battery-operated handheld nebulizer for out there (if you haven't already.)

    By the way, I'll be making my own colloidal silver real, real soon :)

  2. Oh, shoot, I forgot to tell you something else ... ma huang (ephedra) really is great for lung congestion (which is why it is a mian ingredient in Sudafed) but it really should be avoided by those with hypertension (because it has a tendency to make your blood pressure go up.)

    Sorry for the enthusiastic/meddling responses here ... holistic health and natural healing is a subject I am passionate about.

    Hope you've had a great day so far!

  3. What plants? ;) I was on my land in China when I found them. I heard they owned America now so figured I better buy land there for security. Actually though HOPEFULLY they are native Texans like I am? Didn't know there was such a thing as Food Grade Peroxide? I've always used the store bought stuff and use it in a nasal inhaler when I think I'm coming down with a sinus infection. Once again I don't advocate anyone else doing that. I also use it on a swab when I think I'm getting an ear infection. Reason being for both is I was watching a program one time about Russian medicine and they use it to cure strep throat. I've heard of the silver stuff, just haven't ever got around to trying it. One of my X neighbors used to make it. Takes pure silver to make it though doesn't it? Is electrolysis used or what?

  4. (fgckma) < doesnt know what that means he he he. I will make sure not to come around when you have made tea from the Viagra bush. :)

  5. Made. Me. Laugh.

    Shoot, yeah, food grade peroxide ... check it out ... 35% ... powerful, powerful stuff.

    Yes it takes pure silver ... and yes, it is an electrolysis process.

    Huh? Viagra bushes? Are you serious?

  6. High blood pressure = Viagra, but I'm not sure where that comment came from or why??? Neither for the (Fgckma)

    So where do you buy the food grade peroxide?

  7. I think OGT said it solely for the shock value, and I fell for it.

    Gullible, I tell you, gullible.

    Argh ... ugh.

    I'll do some looking around, and send you some possible 35% peroxide sources ... it's becoming harder and harder to find nowadays, and soon it will be another natural substance taken from us (just like they did to food-grade iodine.)

    Don't get me started .... "argh and ugh" again.

  8. Great article on the Mormon Tea; I am also an advocate for natural remedys and eastern studies. I would suggest maybe making some "tiger balm" for any soreness from a hard days work. Many traditional Kung-Fu schools make their own so it can't be too difficult.

  9. Wouldn't have a clue what tiger balm is made from, but I hear it works better than most.

  10. It looks similiar to a plant that grows in my mom's backyard (she lives out in the country) she has a ton of them.

    When taking Metabolife was the rage back in the 90's I took some and suffered from terrible headaches and dizziness. When I went to the doctor he chewed me out because he said it contained Ephreda which raises your blood pressure and could cause death. As much money as I spent on those pills I had no other choice but to throw them in the trash.:-(

  11. MsB, I was wondering where you went. Didn't see you post anywhere for a while. I remember the Metabolife deal from some years back now that you mention it. I knew I'd heard of Ephedra before from somewhere, but didn't make the connection until this post. I'm not likely to be brewing up anymore of it any time soon. I think there are other desert plants that are supposed to be good for medicinal purposes so guess I'll do some research on others.

    Peyote Won't Rot Your Brain Ain't found any of that though. ;)

  12. Viagra bush, Joke, no such thing, just kidding,

    fgckma fed gov can kiss my asparigus in the case of them outlawing plants that grow naturally in the desert.

    I know , I was feeling a little fiesty last night.

  13. How you doing over there, tough guy?

  14. Hanging in there Mama Crow, This weather literally blows! See latest blog update for details. I'm using a combination of the two heaters to stay warm. (or try to) The burner to keep my coffee hot and keep me warm (which the second is failing) and the big heater to warm it up when the burner looses ground. (about ever hour for about 10 minutes)


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