Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Much, Just a Cool Link

Not a lot of news from here other than  the Generator/Charger is squared away now. Outside of that I've come down with something and feel like warmed over death. Its going to be real hard to get anything done.

See if you can figure out what is going on in this slide show. Just watch it and be amazed if you figure it out.

Slide Show


  1. Yea, cool ole car models. I am guessing it is a miniature movie set for some movie.

  2. Maybe be, but I figure its probably just a hobby. Bet he could have a field day at the Field Lab.

  3. That is so amazing ,he is pretty good. I dont think I can fit in one of those cars and take it round the block.

  4. Now Jandean, You know you don't like old cars. ;)

  5. That was great! Thanks for sharing. I guess, in retrospect, the fact that there were no people in or around the cars could've been a give-away that they were models. Very clever how he moved the set outdoors to make it look like they were in that setting. Aside from all that, the lighting and photography was excellent.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Can't wait to see you back in Terlingua. Good Luck.

  6. Hey, I was ready to move to that town but didn't see any people!

    Fantastic imagination and photography skills.


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