Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet PJ

Meant for a little humor and to solve the problem of those much needed late night trips outdoors here is how I solved that dilemma. Meet PJ. The ladies would probably call theirs PC and I don't mean the computer type. After deciding to use a Jug (as in the J part of PJ) I remembered the movie with Tom Hanks "Castaway" and decided to decorate it like he did his ball. I really don't talk to it yet though.
And on another note... I froze my buns off for 4 nights there and never got sick, but come up here where its nice warm and cozy and I get sick. Its about time for me to get back down that way and maybe I can get to feeling better!So far even with feeling really lousy I have gotten the thermostat installed in the falcon so will have heat in it. Tomorrow will be to try and stop the exhaust leak where it will at least limp along quietly. I went to Home Depot Saturday and got one of the sun flower looking propane heaters and didn't open it until today. When I did someone had evidently bought a new one, stuck their old defunct one back in the box and returned it. Worst part is the store must not have checked it when they did. Anyway it took another trip back there today to exchange that. While I was at it I bought a backup propane cylinder so shouldn't have to worry much about running out of propane some cold night. I can also keep the turkey cooker outside where I can brew my coffee on it in the morning and even do some outdoor cooking.


  1. David, I like you so I hope you dont get offended by me saying when I saw the jug, the first thought was" Has he lost his mind?" lol!

    Then I read and understood yer humor. lol

    I hope the best for you and your return to the land.

  2. Nope... I haven't lost it yet. Just adding a little humor to something that keeps me from having to trudge through the jungle at night. For now probably the worst that would happen is seeing a coyote or two, but this summer I don't care to run across any rattle bugs so I won't have to worry about that with PJ.

  3. So when do you return to your homestead? Looking at the weather forecast there it appears to be warming up with day temps in the 70's. Lately I find myself fantasizing about such weather. Hopefully with this time in Odessa maybe you can gather much needed resources.

  4. Scavenger, its supposed to rain here tomorrow and Thursday and the same in Terlingua (according to the online weather) so it looks like I'm going to put off the return trip until Friday. Hopefully the weekend will be nice enough for me to make a showing there IF I feel like it. If not I'll be setup good enough to get by.

  5. Lol, you made me chuckle!!!

    Was wondering if you don't have a problem getting to your land when it rains?

    Have a safe trip home.

  6. MsB, shouldn't be a problem getting to or from the land any time since the roads are mainly rock. Too bad I couldn't say the same for the other land!

  7. I used to use one of those jugs when I was an over-the-road trucker. It was tough to have to get up in the middle of the night, get dressed, climb down out of the cab, trudge across some god forsaken parking lot, and into the truck stop just to take a leak. Then walk back to the truck, climb back into the bunk and try to go back to sleep....sleepus intrruptus.

    Good to read of your impending return to the land. Hope all goes well.


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