Saturday, July 31, 2010

A modern day Hero. (Ours at least)

Don is my nephew by marriage and we are all very proud of him. Unfortunately he wasn't able to reach the rank of General before retiring, but that's OK with us, but a disappointment to him and my niece Mona. Never the less its the Air Force's loss and our gain because no more of the many deployments into harm's way. Unlike when I was in the army now days some of the Air Force is actually fighting shoulder to shoulder with Army Special forces as Don has done. (Army Rangers) I think that was unheard of back in my Army days, but there's a new wind blowing and things have changed for the better. No more can one branch of the service claim  to be the best which is good because in war they all put their lives on the line (Which has always really been the case).

Don and Mona had hoped to be able to relocate back to Texas, but as of yet he hasn't been able to find the right job here so some other state may be lucky enough to have them. Hopefully where ever they do wind up he will eventually be able to transfer back to Texas. He is interested in Off Grid living, but I think he would rather do it in a different area than Terlingua. I don't think Mona is as interested in the Off Grid life as he is though. ;) I can always hope they will eventually wind up close enough to visit me often though!

This was bought by my niece Mona for him on retirement and will make a great addition to one of the walls in their home. Any x-military person would probably be very proud to have achieved what Don has.

My great Niece Tristan and great Nephew Cooper posing with Don.


  1. nice story buddy! nephew got a good name too. I like it.

  2. Nick, we're all proud of him. Sure wish they could stay in Texas, but it doesn't look like that will be the case.

  3. Always glad to see one of our defenders retire out. If you talk to him, tell him I said congratulations and THANK YOU for your service'

  4. Boy howdy, sure wish I had me a nephew like that. Then I could proudly make a post like this one. But with a name like Billy Bob, all I got is a bunch of crazy redneck relatives. Good for shoot'n squirrels, rabbits and stuff.
    Congrats for being a relative (even by marriage) to a great defender of our country.

  5. Uncle, Thanks for posting this. It is great to see how many people appreciate his service. Love you lots!

  6. David, Thanks for the honor you bestow upon me by posting this.
    I'm no hero. Just some dude (nephew) who really enjoyed the military, flying jets and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. The people I worked with (all services) are the best in the world hard not to like going to work. Bonus... they let me blow things up.

    Sure hope we can get there soon to visit. We've logged 5400miles in RV in 5 weeks. Great seeing you and sitting around chatting last week.
    cheers and thank you

  7. Who stole the tuff guy? This aint like him not even commenting on his own blog for this long.

  8. Don, was great to see you and Mona to. Hope it won't be as long next time.

    Nick, Its been steady running around here and I just haven't had time to be on here much. I'll be heading back this morning and will probably start a new thread tomorrow.

    Thanks to those who have posted thanking Don for his service to this country.


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