Friday, July 16, 2010

Sage / This & That

Color enhanced to show Sage. All other colors got enhanced to.

Same picture unedited

Ever heard of the Purple Sage? That's what the purple stuff is. (same stuff that goes in sage dressing around Christmas)

Prickly Pear apples are probably ready for picking, but I'll let someone else do that. Both times I tried I spent for ever trying to get microscopic thorns out of my finger tips.

Strawberry cactus fruit getting real close to being ripe. Much easier to get without paying a heavy price. Also very good tasting!

Abby had sent a care package for pepper to John Wells to give to me. He brought it over yesterday and presented me with a pocket for the Field Lab t-shirt. I think this is a conspiracy between him and Nick because he said Nick suggester attaching it with duct tape. I'll do that one better though and attach it with Velcro so I can have costume malfunctions.

The toys Abby sent to Pepper. At first Pepper seemed to be a little afraid of them. She still won't have anything to do with the ball or rope, but I did play with her with the stuffed toy last night and she seemed to warm up to it some. I guess we'll have to see how that goes.

Abby didn't leave me out of the gifts though. She sent me the small espresso maker and some coffee filters. I'll have to try it out, but making 8 cups of espresso in the morning instead of a pot of coffee may take a while. I wonder how that would work using the super Starbucks coffee Dennis sent me???

Pepper seen at the bottom of the door after hanging out in the bushes and getting covered with the damn gnats! Can't walk out the door without them swarming me to. Bug spray doesn't effect them at all and the flea collar I put on her is totally useless for them to.

And... For the last thread and the pictures there.

(#1) Empty plate. That was what was left of some Porcupine meatballs my sister sent me by RN. You really didn't think they would last long did you? Man I LOVE those things!

(#2) Water cooler and beer carton. Nick made me a gift of the water cooler and RN dropped off the 12 pack of beer while he was here. Unfortunately he wasn't able to stay over and made the return trip the same day. Probably good for him because it has been VERY HOT and VERY HUMID!

(#3) Starbucks Caffe Verona. Dennis Walker sent that to me saying I needed to have some good coffee for a change. It is very good, but I need to cut down on the amount I use to make it. I had to run around the block 4 times to stop fidgeting! This block happens to be 120 acres to!

 Ran in to John Wells at the GS yesterday and he turned me on to a loaf of his solar oven Beer Batter bread. I know he said it had cheese and green olives in it, but can't remember if he said something else to? Pretty good stuff! I may take the remaining half to the legion in small slices to share with members. Then again I might eat it to. ;)


  1. Wow, you sure have some good friends! Pepper is also a lucky little dog..Love the cactus pics. Hope something is still blooming when I get there mid-August.

  2. Pocket, what pocket? ;)

  3. Article about the American legion copy and paste

  4. Yep frann, good friends and good family. Good Blog followers to. ;)

  5. Those are some nice pictures indeed. It's surprising to see those colors this time of year, but then ya have to figure on all the rain! That pocket will look great attached with velcro, don't know if I'd want to see that wardrobe malfunction tho! lol It would be fun to watch you run around your block, running off the jitters of your caffeine high as well. (more lol) Nice to hear it's cooler for yall now than in the dungeon as well. Watch ya all the time, so keep us posted!

  6. More great pics! Looks like you need long tongs and leather gloves to pick fruit around there.

    If you pack that little espresso maker full of coffee, it's considered 4 cups of espresso. Espresso cups being tiny little things, not like a 8 to 10oz cup of coffee. So you *could* substitute 2 pots of espresso for your 8 cups of regular coffee, lol

    Hope Pepper gets into the toys - it'll save your stuff some wear and tear.

  7. Great pictures, I specially liked the first one.

    You got some nice presents as well. Lol, on that shirt pocket :-)

  8. Wow what great pics cant wait to try the prickly pear apples hope there are some left when i make it bach, do you know how long they bloom?

  9. just remember , the paranoid are never suprised.

  10. You can pick the prickly pear with a long pair of barbeque tongs and then singe them over a flame to remove the stickers. Also for some reason the knats around here seem to be repelled by vanilla. We would soak a paper towel and put it under our hats, other wise sweat would just wash it away as fast as we put it on.

  11. Dale, that picture was enhanced just to bring out the sage. It wasn't near as purple in the picture as it is in real life. When I enhanced the color All colors got enhanced to so that's why that picture looks so good. I've added the unedited picture below that one now. I guess the first one is sort of like looking at this place through Rose colored glasses. ;)

    Abby, I started to use the espresso maker this morning, but needed a quick fix so used Nicks instant this time. Tomorrow morning I'll try it with the coffee Dennis sent me.

    Thanks for the tips BfA, Now that you mention that I'd heard about singing the stickers off of them years ago, but had forgotten all about it. I just knew there had to be a better way. I guess I could take my torch out there and do it while they are still on the cactus?

  12. Im still thinking about those strawberry cactus, The one I tried at your place was really tasty!

    check your email , I sent you that pic I thought I deleted of you taking a picture of me.

  13. can still order cheap tobacco online so you can stuff that pocket with smokes.

  14. Nick, the picture was too large and got truncated somewhere along the way. All that was there was the top of the trailer and my head was cut off. :(

    Thanks John. See the picture of your bread I've added to this thread.

  15. Just updated the blog with more pictures of the latest handy work of the Queen of Destruction. :( I guess it will never end!


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