Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pepper the Chew Dog / Supper & More

Despite my attempts to get Pepper to play with the toys Abby sent her she doesn't want anything to do with them. I've repeatedly played with her with them and then gave her some of the treats Abby also sent her and still she doesn't want to have anything to do with the toys.

What you see above is some of her latest handy work. The spigot came from the same type jug as seen in the second photo, but was from the jug I use for the shower. That jug has always doubled as a shower tank and in between showers as a source of water for dish washing, hand cleaning and any water that I don't use for drinking or cooking with. This latest act of sabotage pretty well dedicates that jug to showers only. :(

Anyway... My neighbor stopped by with some groceries yesterday to make Stuffed Bell peppers out of. He didn't know how to make them and neither did his wife, but he said he had had a hankering for some for weeks. He asked if I knew how and I told him yes so he asked if I would make them and then go to their place for supper and he'd have other grub made. Sounded good to me so I said yes.

Needless to say I decided it was time for another shower since I'd be around other humans besides myself so after the shower I forgot to remove the pump from the jug and put the spigot back in the jug. I left it laying on the battery that now runs the shower pump. Pepper must have watched me lay that spigot on the battery and between the time I got dressed and ready to leave she had to have done the damage because she was chained up from that time until I got back from the neighbors. That would have given her about 45 minutes to do her thing because when I got back it was that way and she hadn't had access to it before then.

Now... this gets me to thinking and now that I think about it about every time she has chewed up something I'd either moved it or handled it shortly prior to that. I assume she must watch what I do and then decide to chew on what I handle? I usually can't be outside without her being real close by. (outside the It'll Du and shower when I use both or just trailing along behind me.) I guess I'm going to have to start chaining her out of sight from me every time I do something?

And now back to the Supper. The stuffed peppers turned out great according to the neighbors. I thought they were very good to. (patting myself on the back) ;) He made some KILLER home fries with a number of different seasonings and had a fresh bottle of Black Jack to go along with it. After that he fired up the generator and we watched a movie called Cool World on their big screen TV / DVD. I have to admit that it was NOT my kind of movie and I'd never watch it again, but I did enjoy the company food and booze.

One of the guys that goes to the Legion just brought this back to Terlingua. Talk about an idea vehicle for down here! I'm going to have to add one of these to my wish list! Last photo is the proud owner. (Pictures by Dave Secor)


  1. Puppy is teething,, how bout a big ole natural rawhide chew toy? Bet she would use it.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! On the pepper thing, my lab chewed my favorite Basball hat the first time I left it alone at home. I took it as a sign that kasey was made at me. Pepper should grow out of it. I hope.

  3. BiT, the only thing she does with the rawhide chews is immediately take them out to one of her many lairs and abandon them. I've given her several and finally started sawing them in half to help save on them. I find them occasionally when I go to check out her lairs to see what she has carted out to them that belongs to me. They are all usually untouched as far as her chewing on them goes. Same with bones like the ones Abby sent her. Maybe I need to start coating everything I touch that she might chew on with Tabasco Sauce. I wonder if that would do any good? Problem is I never know what she will chew on next.

    There are plenty of rocks for her to chew on and believe me she does and actually chews them up and swallows them. The dog has a big problem!;)

    Yeah Nick, I'll probably invite them up here some times for supper. Of course there won't be a movie to watch, but we can listed to my Zune. You already know some of the music I have on there. ;)

    BTW he also has a BUNCH of old commercials on the computer. Also some that were banned. Watching those was more entertaining than the movie.

  4. I got a call from my daughter(the lawyer) about a situation. Seems one Pepper has been wrongly accused of wonton destruction of personal property and has been written about on a certain blog(defamation of character). Apparently one certain owner had no visual proof of the act and therefore made unfounded statements to the public. Sounds like a lawsuit to me. Just a headsup. DW

  5. Dennis, that lawsuit wouldn't stand a chance. Once the Judge saw his gavel gnawed up he'd throw the case out. Sounds like your daughter needs a good dog. When can she pick Pepper up?

  6. As a side note I was checking through the follower's list a few minutes ago and ran across Hal Renninger. I'd forgotten that he was following the blog and when I saw that name it reminded me. Anyway I don't think he ever posted so none of you really knew him. He had been a member on my main site for years and suddenly he passed away back on May 1st. He was a great guy and too bad you didn't know him like we (My main site members did).
    Hal Renninger

  7. I think that truck would be a very welcome addition anywhere, but down your way for sure. In case you want to see the difference in your back yard and mine, I have posted some pics of my swamp on my blog- http://www.dizzydick.blogspot.com/
    Texas has many different climates.

    Been here, done this, now it is time for something new, like desert living. What do you think?

  8. Come on down. Probably won't find any gold down here, but plenty of quartz. Too bad it isn't worth something. I've got a pile of it.

  9. You asked me on my blog if I was still planning to move down your way. Well here is what I answered:
    You know what they say about plans, "The best laid plans of Mice and Men oft go . . . ."

    Well, yes, but. How's that for an answer.

    YES, I am planning on it, BUT don't know if I can make it happen before I run out of life.

    As far as the gold goes, if I can't find any there, it is a lot closer to the gold fields than I am her in Cut-N-Shoot.

    When you find gold there is almost always quartz around. And, as you stated, not visa versa.

  10. I sent you that picture of you taking a picture of me again. maybe it will download. Also before the payment on the storage is due I am gonna need the phone number of the guy who runs it so we can switch over the name.

  11. PS. let me know if you want me to pick up a couple of trojan batts for you at the marine store. some of them are half good and you might be able to revive them. I dont know what he will sell em for but Ill find out if ya want.

  12. Nick, I didn't get the email for some reason?

    Looks like I'll keep the storage for another month because I have too many irons in the fire to empty it now.

    As far as the batteries go I have two more that I need to redoctor so don't need more right now. Diamond Dave could use a couple, but I think he could use them yesterday. Look for email coming.

  13. lol, yesturday delivery is expensive. ok

  14. Unbelievable! See newest thread...

  15. I hope pepper grows of of chewing plastic (and other things) because I'm wondering how much she swallowed...

  16. I have been looking for those water jugs and haven't had any luck. Where did you get it?


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