Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Yesterday / Rescue Mission

When they were putting in the new septic system at the legion a lot of old steel pipe was found that had been overgrown. I was offered it and figure it will make a new BIG project of some kind. Yesterday with the help of Dave I made several trips between here and the legion dragging the pipe back here. It was too long to fit on the trailer so that was about the only way to get it here.

After that was done a group of Rockhounds were having a meeting at the legion and one older woman shower up for it, but said she had gotten stuck going out to her land and wanted to use the phone to call AAA for a tow out. After an hour or so she found out that they would not come down here and Dave tried to call several people he thought might do it, but they were not at home.

I still had the chain from dragging the pipe in the car so decided we would go out and see if I could help her out. When we walked out to get in the falcon I noticed a group of the rockhound guys standing around some 4x4 pickups that would do the job real easy and since the woman was there for the same meeting I wondered WHY none of them had offered. I made the statement to them that I saw several new pickups that could pull the woman out of the mud, but since they hadn't offered my 42 year old car would do it After several excuses why they wouldn't one man said he would. Him and his wife had just driven in from Weatherford Texas (over 500 miles). He said you'll lead and we will follow so taking the woman's directions we set out to find her car. She kept getting us lost and couldn't remember how to get there, but from some of the stuff she described Dave was able to figure out about where it was. We finally found it and she said she had had to walk about 3 miles from there before she ran across someone that she flagged down and they dropped her off at the legion. Turns out that she wouldn't have gotten stuck if she would have just had a little speed up, but she tried to creep through it. Wasn't stuck bad at all and most people would have been able to get on through it at that. The couple following us pulled her out no problem at all. They were really great people! Unfortunately they don't plan to buy around here.

BTW we were actually north of Black hill and 9 points Mesa was looming VERY large. Had to have been at least 5 or more miles out that way. Of course with all the extra driving out that way before we found the car I'd figures we drove more like 10 or more miles.

I hate to imagine that woman staying out that way by herself. Hopefully she can meet some neighbors out that way!


  1. Thats cool, the area is lucky to have such great people living out there.

  2. I got a two-wheel drive Toyota four runner so I can't pull people out of the beach sand without getting stuck myself. I just get my "crippled disabled veteran" butt out of the four runner and help push. what more does it take to help someone out! (I just had knee surgery in June and If I was there with you guys, I would have helped out somehow)

  3. Ya did good. I do wonder about folks who know someone needs help and don't offer if they are able.

  4. Yeah, most of those cats with those big, gnarly pick-ups are only too happy to show what they can do. A shame none of 'em were willing to help. Good on you that you did. A four wheel drive, or at least a truck with some good ground clearance is really helpful out there. Scary to think of some helpless old gal out there by herself. I wish her luck. I'm still interested in buying some land out there, if you hear of anyone who wants to sell...


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