Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn's here

As of Friday 23rd Autumn arrived and it had actually felt like it a while before that. For now... Its HOT again. 97 degrees in here right now at 6:51 PM and I'd bet that it topped 100 outdoors, but I didn't check to see.

Chess anyone?


  1. RMan says "yes, please, he'd love a game" :)

  2. Saw 107.5 on my thermometer yesterday, enough for me to say,,WTH is FALL??? lololol,,,More for the next few days too.

  3. Dani, until the last game I played I hadn't played chess in about 30 years. I did manage to win the game though. Just added that for the heck of it. Don't plan to play again for the next 30 years and maybe I can win again. ;) Of course I'll be long gone in another 30 years so I guess I've played my last game of chess.

    TROUBLEnTX, Yep... Looks like more of the same and sure looked like it was going to be a cloudy day this morning, but fortunately for now its mostly sunny. Its already gone from 68 degrees in here to 83 and warming up fast. Will probably make it back to 97 in here again, but I hope not!


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