Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Storm Pictures

My neighbor stopped by earlier and said he'd found another piece of the steel siding. I'd missed seeing it because it was about half way between here and 118 (About 400 feet I'd guess.)
Almost looks like a bulldozer bucket scooping up the grass. I think that's all of it unless there's some on top of 9 Points. Yep... Its the same stuff. The white side was just up and the yellow side down.

Raining again now. Saw a fire started by lightning and then watched the rain put it out.


  1. Hey week Tffnguy...

    Me and nephew Joe down for a few days next week...seeya Wed or so.

    Looks like some interesting weather lately.

    Hope it ain't too muddy to get to the place.


  2. Glad y'all are getting some more rain. How's that Ocotillo Plant doing?

  3. BF, the cobras will be at the legion Saturday the 1st. See you'll when you get here.

    Allen, it didn't last long and the sun was shining while it was raining. The Qcotillo is looking pretty bad.All I can say is I hope it makes it.

  4. Glad you found that piece of siding! That wild wind can sure move things around, can't it?

    Should be some flowers pop up soon, thanks to the rain!

  5. I just remembered....I left a short stack of 5-6 sheets of OSB laying down on the gravel ground next to the back door steps with a couple of cinderblocks on them....bet they're GONE now.!!


  6. HJ, I think some of the cactus is too far gone to bloom this year. Maybe next year? The wind is blowing like hell again now and storms over 9 points. Just left the legion and it sure looked like a tornado between there and 9 points. Hard to tell though it could have been a whirlwind, but if it was it was big and went all the way up to the clouds above.

    BF, went and checked out your place and unless that big turbine vent laying out in the yard was on the roof before all looks good. Looks like it may be another hairy night here again though. I did have to stop and move the top part of a yucca out of the middle of the road to get to your place though.

  7. Thanks for checking, Tffnguy....seeya next week.

  8. I'm sensing a real "off the grid" community there in Big Bend Country. Looking forward to following your blog!

  9. stillhowlyn, Actually its both because there are a lot of on gridders down here. In most cases though (like in mine) there is no way I could afford to get the grid here and couldn't afford the service even if I could pull that off. Off grid works fine for me though except for really dark cloudy days like yesterday. I guess we can't have everything though and its clear today (So far) so maybe the batteries will have a chance to top off again? Or at least get headed in that direction.


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