Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Party

See if you can spot the two cutups in this picture.
The Foots were down here for the Labor Day weekend so I got the bright idea to have another party. The above pictures are of the guest and this party just broke a record for the number of guests that showed up. (19) Gypsy Jess and Dan were also invited, but they couldn't make it because she had to work. Maybe the next party they can make it. Nick was also invited, but for some reason didn't show?
Some time back I'd given Just Me several Fresnel lenses and it just paid off. In exchange for one given to John Wells by her I was given the solar cooker John built with one. He and Just Me had intended to cook the hot dogs for the party on it, but as luck would have it it had clouded up so that didn't work too well.
Here there was a small bit of sun light peeking through the clouds, but unfortunately it was too little to late to do any good.
I had to resort to the Gazolian Laser seen here along with a cast iron skillet for Robert Dawson to be able to cook the dogs. Now note that with the burn ban outside flames are not permitted and although this might look like a turkey cooker its really a propane powered laser. (Very high tech!)
I was warned by both JW and Just Me that I needed to keep the lens covered while it was sitting out in the sun or it could catch the wooden frame on fire. A 1000 degree + beam of high intensity light is produced. Well I finally found a use for a gag t-shirt that Nick had given me some time back. It was too small for me and didn't have a pocket so was just taking up closet space. It should work fine for this.
Here you have a metal plaque given to me by Bigfoot. His son has a CNC table and made this at Bigfoot's request. I LOVE it!

And here Juan and his wife were in attendance of the party and it just so happened that I had one final payment on the tank. I made it here so now the tank is officially mine. ALL MINE!

Dave counted 19 people at this party, but I only counted 18 including myself. I don't think I missed anyone so that makes the record 18 in attendance. Below is the names of those at the party.

Bill & Caren, Chuck & Kathy, Robert & Lanette, Juan & his wife (Don't remember her name)

Singles or those without their spouses.
Denese, Lee, Frann, Ring, Julianne, Dave, Don Bryant, James, JW and myself.

Missing were
Nick, Gypsy Jess and Dan


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! Hopefully we'll make it out for one of them one of these times. Got a good check up on my cancer, no change on the scan and options on two new treatments when/if we have to have them. Safe trip home to all.

    Love ya

  2. Cool party, David. Pity about the fresnel cookout - would have loved to see how that worked. And glad that JW made you a stand for the cooker - here's hoping you will be able to eat more than tinned meat and cheese from now on...

    Wouldn't have thought about covering it either LOL

    Love Bigfoot's plaque too :)

    Maybe you should keep it as a house name - for when you build you strawbale house - reckon that should be OK for: "My back, shoulders and knees don't hold up too well to heavy stuff. That's the reason I haven't started an earth bag house myself." You gotta get out of the RV sometime...? :)

  3. You all look like you had quiet an enjoyable time. I sure spotted the two cut ups, lol :)

    You received very nice gifts from JW and the Foot family. Congratulations on paying off your tank.

    Too bad Nick was a no show, looks like he missed a good time.

  4. Dale - I am so happy for you. It is wonderful to hear that there has been no change in your latest scan.

    Take care and I'm sending all my positive energy your way.

  5. Dale, yep as usual we had a great time. The news sure sounds good!

    Dani, Its partly cloudy today and windy as heck so even though I bought another pack of hot dogs to try out the cooker it looks like I won't be able to do it today either. :(

    Don't know what I'll do with the plaque yet, but I'll figure out something. It may be mounted over the door of what ever I eventually get built.

    MsB, some people just can't behave. ;) Yep... nice gifts!

  6. Great pics! Especially love the one of the tank payoff :) Looks like a great group - wish I could have been there...

  7. Maybe next one Abby? The parties have to be on a national holiday weekend to catch as many non full time neighbors possible. Each one seems to get a little larger so I may have to trade up to a 40 acre plot. ;)

  8. Very nice all around. I sure like the frensel and "high tech" propane laser cookers. The Ford Falcon plaque is so cool! That tank is awesome. It's a good feeling to pay ANYTHING off. Wish we could've been there.

  9. Allen, guess you'll just need to plan a trip down here on a holiday other than the chili cook off and maybe you can make a party here. You're always welcome.

  10. Sorry I couldnt make it to the party! looks like I missed another great time Dave.

    at the risk of adding to the terlingua grape vine I will refrain from commenting about why I missed it. But I will say I wish I could have done both activities but it wasnt in the cards this time.

  11. Well if you can't make another one you need to get a life sized cardboard cutout of you for me to setup here.


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