Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Break Down while on the way

Well the thermostat stuck on the bird (1968 Ford Falcon) about 45 miles from Alpine and I spent several hours waiting for a tow truck to come that never did. This was about 45 miles from no where either way. I wound up letting it cool down and limped two miles to a rest area and that's where it spent the night. Me and my brother in law went back this morning and removed the thermostat and I managed to make it to alpine, but the radiator is leaking so I have to top it off about every 10 or so miles. I sure was glad to see that it she hadn't been molested over night! I call her Elna after my mom who bought the car new in 1968. Still 80 miles to go to get to my land. Auto Zone says they can't even order a rad for it. Right now it has plenty of BJ wet weld to try and stop the leak.


  1. tff....I'm sit'n across from the Grub Shack in that big ole motorhome. Stop by if ya get a chance.

  2. BillyBob, I plan to head out that way tomorrow and it you are still there then I'll take you up on that.


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