Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rick Blows

Had some furious wind out of the remanence of Rick last night. Good thing this trailer was facing southeast because that was the way the wind was coming from. It still managed to rock and roll this RV! I hate to think what it would have been like had it been a side wind! No rain, hail, lightning or thunder.

The lack of rain is good for me in case I get the chance to try to visit my land again, but for those storing up water it probably wasn't so good. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to join them in capturing rain water and it will be the other way around.

It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to do much of anything before the first part of next month. I did make it to the tiny hardware store day before yesterday and they had something similar to JB stick weld so I got a stick of it to reinforce the stuff I'd already put on the radiator to try and stop the leaks. I got that done yesterday, but haven't driven the car since to see if it did any good. Its ammazing how much stuff they have crammed in that tiny hardware store!

I'm planning to head for my mail box shortly and will stop by the Grub Shack while I'm there. I have a slow leak in one of my car tires, but fortunately I have my pancake compressor with me and am able to keep it aired up. More than likely that problem came from the trip out to nearly my land the other day. I guess I'll be putting Green Slime in all four of those tires since they are on ancient mags and are beater tires.

*** Addition ***

I guess I made it to the Grub Shack at the right time. I formally introduces myself the the infamous John Wells See his Blog at ) and met another Viet Nam vet that was there about the same time I was. Unfortunately no names were exchanged so I don't know his. It would have been a wasted trip otherwise because all that was in my mailbox was a single junk mail. And I thought I was leaving all of that crap behind when I headed this way. I guess the junk mailer would find you on the moon if you moved there.


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  2. Oooops. Do over.
    Aren't you glad you weren't in some flimsy nylon tent, riding out that wind last night?
    Junk mail. That is so suck-o. I think there should be some 'welcome wagon' coupons in your mailbox.

  3. I'd imagine that would have been an interesting ride in a tent. I'd have probably wound back up in the Dallas area. What a depressing thought.

  4. OGT, your last post under "Mo Problems" got me to thinking. Years ago I'd bought some land and needed a way to clear it. It was about the same type situation and what I did was use about a 6 foot length of railroad rail with a long chain bolted to both ends. The chain was bolted together in the center just big enough to slip over a trailer hitch ball and that let me drag that heavy sucker sideways about 6 feet behind the pickup I had back then. It made short work of clearing the land and didn't take many passes to do it either. I'd forgotten all about that, but it dawned on me at what you wrote. Anyone have any railroad rail they want to sell?

  5. I heard some folks are stealing it from old railroads to be able to sell the metal.

    I'll keep my eye out for any

  6. Ha... in the DFW area ir was stealing people's AC units for the copper.


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