Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh Joy! I had trouble figuring out how to pay for diesel fuel at a truck stop on the way and ran the card through several times before I finally went inside to pay. That went through, but since then my ATM has been declined. I assume with all of the trying the card the bank decided someone else was using the card and deactivated it. I called the automated crap number at the bank yesterday trying to get the problem fixed, but got a message saying I'd have to wait until after the upcoming holiday. Grrrr....

We were planning to leave early Tuesday morning for Alpine and stay there until Wednesday about noon to give me a chance to take care of business before heading for Terlingua and to the land. We will just have to leave after 9:00 AM to give me a chance to get my card reactivated (or try to). Considering I don't want to use a credit card and all of my moving and other $$$ is in my account tied to the ATM this has really screwed me! I was declined at the storage and had to put that on credit and when I was going to get a generator, propane stove and other things I'll need at Harbor freight the card was declined there to. I wasn't about to charge that! MAYBE I can do that before leaving???

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