Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm now at point B and scheduled to be at the land probably around Tuesday. In the meantime I find that my server's mail server isn't letting me send mail. (Must be Murphy's Law at work?) Of course point C will be Terlingua. I've already stored about half of my junk in the storage and then had to get the trailer and trike out of the back of the truck before I could get the rest of the stuff out. Fortunately my brother in law has a tractor with a frontend loader so we were able to use it with the help of chains to get those two off. The trailer broke loose and fell about 4 feet and both lights got broken in the process of getting it off so now replacing them will be extra $ that I hadn't figured in the move. It seems to have survived other than that. Hope I don't run in to many more of those GotYa's

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