Sunday, October 4, 2009

In the beginning

Another one of Life's tragedies has struck because of divorce and difference of opinion between my former spouse and myself. (Just something that some times happens and probably neither of our fault.) I'll sure miss some of her grandchildren and other people (including her), but the time has come to move on. This decision has left me with only a couple of choices. Move in to a seedy motel apartment somewhere far away from Plano, Texas or move to my 10 acres in Terlingua Ranch Texas. I chose the latter even though I'm less sure of how things will be. In my earlier years I'd tried out the first option, but I was a lot wilder back then and didn't mind the hard core druggies, prostitutes and other people who usually wind up in places like that. Now days I can't imagine myself going back to something like that so its Terlingua or Bust.

I'm also burned out on city living because even living in a house for the last 18 + years the last 10 have made me feel more like being boxed in and trapped. I hope to find some peace of mind in my new life, but of course that's yet to be seen. I know it will be hard living for a good while, but I was raised in similar land conditions and have always loved that type of country. I've always loved the outdoors and spend most of my time outside when I can, but living in the city and doing that leaves a lot to be desired. I'm a fairly resourceful type person and have built wind generators, solar heating panels, go carts, choppers and now ride a chopper trike that I built from scratch. Not sure how its going to handle the Terlingua terrain though so it may get a new makeover. (Can you say Dirt Trike.)

I've run a classic car site for the last 11 years and an old time multi node BBS for 5 years before that until the internet pretty well did them in. (Both as hobbies) I'm not ready to be far enough off grid as to do away with the internet so hope to be hooked up VIA satellite before long. That will be one of my early priorities and then of course upgrading my living standards as I go. I plan to chronicle my progress here as I go. Perhaps I should phrase that as successes and failures as we all know there seem to be plenty of failures in life, but I guess that's one thing that makes life interesting.

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