Sunday, October 18, 2009

Setback #101

I made it real close to my land, but it appears that the road I named Elna Rd hasn't been graded for a few years so its covered with tall grass. I didn't want to take a chance trying to go over it with my old car. I guess I need to try and get a hold of the TR people and see if I can't get that road graded. I wonder how much luck I'll have with that? The red x in the bottom picture is where I was when I took the photos. The sticky pin is about the center of my land.

I stopped by and met BillyBob on the way to the land. Good guy. I didn't think about this being Sunday and assumed the Grub Shack would be open. I guess I know better now.


  1. Well Howdy Pardner....I saw you briefly at the GrubShack a couple of days ago - didn't know who you were and you didnt introduce yourself. Careful who you get to grade your road - the Ranch now farms it out to Porter Construction that is in cahoots with Alida (former ranch manager) and they charge a lot of money for the service now. Will be keeping my eye out for you...

  2. iffn, (don't know your real name)
    Maybe we can run out there in "that jeep". Road looks pretty good from my house. Email me

  3. David, Yay! You made it! Congratulations. You gonna turn that old Falcon into a guest room?
    Todo lo mejor!

  4. John, I thought that was you at the Grub Shack, but wasn't sure so didn't say anything. Thanks for the info about the grader. I guess you can't bank on what you read on the internet and hear from land salesmen. It was my understanding that the yearly owner's fee was going exclusively for keeping the roads up now days.

    Billy, My real name is David and Tffnguy comes from a web site for Ford Falcons I've been running for about 11 years now. I didn't come down here to start putting people out so unless you just wanted to do that then I'll pass (Unless I could help you out in some way to.)

    BTW my mom bought my falcon new in 68 and it was the car that picked me up when I came back from Viet Nam so its like family to me. I call it/her Elna (same as one of the roads I named) which was also my mom's middle name.

    Jan, you'll are welcome to stop by if you get the chance. I don't think they will let us do any shooting around here though. Dang it!

  5. Hello,
    I just found this blog and started at "In the beginning".
    It's been a tough trip so far but you do have somewhere to go and you're getting close.
    Not everyone has somewhere to go...
    Hang in there!

  6. Yeah... I'm in pretty good shape compared to some folks. I'll be in a lot better shape if I can ever get moved on it though. I've been homeless a couple of times in my earlier life, but at least I had a car to sleep in at the time. I feel for anyone who is in either of those cases.


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