Monday, October 26, 2009

Reverse Rick

Another windy night and morning. I'd say it would rival the wind generated by Rick, but this time from what seems like due north. This RV is again rocking and rolling and I've been watching the coffee in the pot rock back and forth between the 9 and 10 cup mark. I notice a few drops of rain on the window now so I guess out of the 20% chance we are in the 20% or at least on the fringe of it.

Its been sort of entertaining looking out the window watching some of the campers try to take down their tents without them blowing away. I'm surprised they were even still standing this morning.

And for jandean here is the picture of the bird you asked for. I'm throwing in one of my trike (which is still in Odessa). The photo was taken in front of my X-House in Plano, TX.


  1. David, She looks like she fits right in. Except for being a little low to the ground...Keep gluing her back together, it'll do. Elna, the guest room.
    I can see it. Cardboard in the windows, styrofoam cooler on the front seat...

  2. jandean, I've got a line on a new radiator through ebay, but need to take some measurements to make sure it will fit. Says for a big block, but a note says it will fit if it has a 24 inch hole. I'll have to see if it can be delivered here to the RV park instead of my land though. (Which they probably couldn't find anyway) I haven't put up street signs yet.

    Don't you even be thinking about using Elna for a guest house! If anything I'll use her for a shelter for the goats or chickens. NOT!

    On another note about the not being able to cut and past I still have that problem most of the time, but have found a work around. I have to pick my Google account and then try to post a blank message. When I get the error message then I can paste. Weird!

  3. propane at the gas station down across from the Cottenwood store a mile or two south of the Big Bend Motor Inn Cafe.


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