Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Rocks

Looks like I inherited some rocks. Either the colonel or his wife one forgot to load up these rocks or didn't think they were good enough to take. Or...Maybe they wanted to push me toward becoming a rock hound to? If that was the case it might have worked. Probably won't mean much to most of the people around here, but to those in other areas where these aren't easily come by it could have a certain amount of cool.

As a side note the weather has been and is lousy! Cold, windy and cloudy with a few sprinkles off and on. Fortunately the wind has died down and the sun is actually trying to come out now that it doesn't have much time to do any good.

And on another side note since the chili cook off will be coming up this next week I may have to postpone some plans for trying to get to the land and do some work on the road. From what I hear there will be too many state troopers in the area just looking to pull people over. Maybe I'll just sit by the road in front of the RV park and watch them pull everyone else over instead. Maybe after the chili cook off is over I'm thinking of using a 4x4 and towing the tailgate from my trailer up and down the road to knock down the grass and probably rip it out of the ground at the same time. Should help level the road also? I've used railroad rail like that before and had very good luck with it. I've got to start somewhere right?


  1. TOB Here is a good way to level those washboard roads real easy and cheap. Go to a truck tire shop and get 3 big tires. they will most likly give them to you just to get rid of them. lay them down so they are touching each other. mark the spots where they touch with a crayon or something, now drill a hole with a 1/2 drill bit at the spots you marked, now put a big bolt with a bigger washer on each end and bolt the tires together in 3 spots and add a bolt with a round head to attach a cable or chain to. When you pull this behind your towing vehicle it fills in all of the washboards and gullies. As a kid growing up, you never went out to the road without towing the tires, then you dropped it off and when you came home you towed it back. In no time at all your road will be the best one around.

  2. Sorry I forgot to say that the tires need to be connected so they form a triangle.

  3. Sounds like a good deal. If the tailgate doesn't do it then I'll see if I can find some truck tires around here. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Dave, River nailed it...I were gonna tell ya bout it but he got there first. The Border Patrol use a big tractor tire to maintain the trails they travel. Now where ya gonna find a tractor???
    Good bet to stay home off the roads during the cook off, but I wouldn't let it keep me from the festivities. Just stay sober!!!

  5. BBob, the trouble around here would probably be finding either type tire. I've got the trailer tailgate for now and will try to get a line on some tires later. If I don't figure out a way to get out of this HIGH RENT district then I won't have to worry about it because I won't have the $ to do anything else anyway.

    Got a decent refund check today for canceling the insurance on my X's car and then got a bill from my x phone company for $5 less than that check. I guess $5 is $5 though. Problem is my x telephone company had told me I had a refund coming from them to. (Probably to make sure they got my new address so they could bill me?)

    To me its hard to be festive without a few beers under the belt. Guess I'll pass and hang out around here. Maybe I can tip a beer as I see the troopers drive by and yell CHEERS!


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