Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Neighbor

Made a trip in to SB this morning to take care of some business, get supplies and take a shower. When I got home I noticed something didn't look right after I'd made several trips unloading the jeep. Well there was a large cardboard box sitting in front of the outdoor fridge so I looked in it to find the below.
I know what I'll do with the above. ;)

Not sure what I'll do with this, but I'll think of something. First will be to check the wattage while its connected and if its low enough I may keep the laptop connected to it since the battery for the laptop died a long time ago. If it turns out to pull too many watts while connected at night then I'll probably add a handle and use it for a portable power supply to run a drill or the like and only charge it during the day when there is enough solar. Sure is nice to have good neighbors. ;)

Update on the swamp cooler is that the belt stayed on it like it was supposed to from about 9:00 PM last night to about 3:30 this morning when I turned it off. It was still on right when I checked it about 15 minutes ago, but I doctored it up again just for good measure before turning it on. I won't be putting it back in the window because sitting it on an ice chest I can direct it any where I want to which makes it real nice.


  1. Yeah I gotta bring an offering down next time Im in Terlingua. I check your blog everyday, I need to make a donation. (it may be a 90 proof donation)
    or "bam, bam food" for Mr. Mosin Nagant.

  2. Parrot Bay? I will be over shortly...

  3. Coconut rum..hell yeah..I also like Kahlua. When is the party? It is all so nice we lived through being stood up by himself!

  4. CC, an empty 90 proof would make a good target.

    Cindy, you may need an RnR from that other desert before long.

    Frann, I wonder what the two would taste like? If it was 151 proof with some Amaretto that would make a coconut flavored Cocaine Rush.

  5. tffn - Nice neighbours. They seem a little shy - droppin things off while you're out... :)

  6. Keep the tequila for the tank party, please thanks. Damn good neighbor you have :)

  7. Dani, I don't mind the shy part just like the gifts. :)

    Denese, I'll try, but no guarantees. ;)

  8. Now that is what a call a good neighbor :D


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