Monday, August 29, 2011

Divide and Conquer

I guess its my turn to rant again. Just read Old Jules blog at  and I've been intending to post a thread something along the same lines, but just haven't gotten around to it until now.

Note the title to this blog being Divide and Conquer. Well I think that's what's been happening in this country for a long time now. No one seems to give a crap about someone else's rights... they are more concerned about their own rights even if it takes someone else's rights away. Funny how that goes when someone sides for taking someone else's rights away until its their own and then they get all huffy about it. At one time it was just whites against blacks and Vice Versa Then it was the Anti War protesters against the war mongers (Which might not be a bad thing) until the pawns fighting in the wars started getting the blame to. From that time on it has been one group against another group and I feel that most of that is caused by the government pulling the media's stings to get it to start more crap.

If you can divide the country far enough and in to enough small groups with each small group pushing their agendas to remove other people's rights then that's called Dividing. Once the citizens of the US are divided enough then it would be easy to Conquer. Can you say Slave to the Government? Well its almost that bad already.

Now some of the ways we have been divided is non-smokers against smokers, the physically fit against the obese, non-drinkers against drinkers, environmentalist  against non-greenies. Rich against the middle classed against the poor, The young against the old because of SS and this list could probably go on for ever.

As long as Americans are divided this country is doomed to fail. People need to QUIT finding faults with their fellow Americans and unite to get this country back on track. Tell the politicians enough is enough and work to change what they have done back like it should be.

Its already been said that all old people need to die rather than get replacement body parts. What's the big deal? Let people smoke their selves to death, drink themselves to death, eat themselves to death, shoot people causing harm to them, their property and other people. Looks like to me that's the easiest way to get people to die. Why make sure they live longer by telling them they can't do this or that.

As for the SS issue now, it isn't the people that are retires, on disability and so on that caused the problem its the so called law makers. You know... making laws that says they can spend the SS funds like this and like that until there are no more funds left. Around twenty five years ago the government was buying TV commercials saying something to the effect of "Don't worry about Social Security there's enough in the funds to last another hundred years." How in the hell did it run out in twenty five years instead? That's easy it was the government blowing it on what ever silly thing they decided they should spend it on and you can bet that most of it  was on NO GOOD. The SS fund was never supposed to be used for anything else. It was to be used for social security payouts only. Now the politicians are saying that SS isn't a entitlement its a benefit and can be cut off. Bull Shit! They are only trying to cover their own asses for blowing it in the first place. There is no one party to blame the blame goes on both or all.

Rant over for now...


  1. Nice rant David....thumbs up to ya. Being a retired old fart, living on SS and a couple investments, my biggest fear is that in another 5 years, SS will be gone.....poooof, just like that. They already took our COA from us, Obama threatened to cancel SS checks....and it goes on and on and on. Damn, now I'm pissed!!!

  2. Maybe if we all get pissed off enough we will do something about it. Remember, elections are coming.

  3. Damn BB, could it be that we actually agree on something for a change?

    DD problem is "Who to vote for and who will do what they say they will once they con their way in to office?" I've come to the conclusion that there isn't an honest politician on this planet and if there are they get run over by the dishonest ones.

  4. Nice rant and, sadly, oh so truthful. SS is NOT a benefit, I worked for 45 years at 6 different jobs and paid into it. I wasn't given a choice. Now, all I want is my money back. Sounds fair to me. As for an 'honest politician'??? Isn't that an oxymoron?

  5. Thanks Sharon. It is true, but the politicians don't want people to know it. That's why they're pointing their fingers everywhere else besides at themselves.

  6. It's scary David. I have to work hard because my husbands retirement and SS aren't enough to support us. I can see myself having to work until I'm sick, because of the mess this country is in, and losing what little SS we have now.

    I love living in America...the freedoms we have, etc. But it's not going to last I'm afraid. They are slowly taking away our freedoms, tiny bit by tiny bit....And it's such a mess now, that I don't think anyone really knows WHAT the hell to do to get back on track...

  7. Yeah Terry, I'm afraid its beyond repair now.

  8. Did you know that over 50% of the checks (not dollar amount) social security mails out each month go to people under 65 either on SSI or disability (not retirement)? Check out their website to see for yourself. It's the people taking out who never put in who are also a big problem.

    I have been a landlord for 6 years now. Wish I never started. Before that I had no idea how people mooch off the system. Now my eyes are open and I am in shock.

    Here's a profile of 90% of my tenants:
    Gets $650 per month per kid from SSI.
    Gets $150 per house member from food stamps.
    Gets near free utilities from state program.

    That's $32,000 per year from hard working tax payers for a mother with 3 kids for doing nothing but having babies. Throw in another $8,000 per year if on section 8.

    Sorry if I got off on a rant. I see so much fraud and abuse it's sickening.

  9. Let me tell you another thing my tenants do to get your blood boiling. They qualify for free federal grant money (not loans) to go to school. They signup for 2-3 classes. Federal govt. sends school money for classes. They drop a class and school sends them, not govt, the refund! The money doesn't even go back to feds. They never go to classes and fail the classes. Next quarter/semester they do it again either at same school or different school. Doesn't have to be accredited school can be barber college!!

    Oh yeah ... all my tenants get a few thousand from the earned income tax credit program every year.

    I added up one tenant's money and figured she was netting 50k per year for doing nothing!!

  10. When I was in my 30's I tried to withdraw from Social Security. I did everything I could but it was impossible. I discovered however that it was an old age insurance plan (later along with medicare) to keep the economy from having the burden of old people living in poverty and dying in the streets of starvation. The SS Admin was betting that we would die before drawing it or at least much of it. We were betting we would live forever.

    I made a lot of money in those days and like all thirty somethings I thought I was hot shit and smarter than anybody. I wasn't. Now I know that the purpose of Social Security (and medicare) is to take care of dumb asses like me that would be begging on the street and otherwise being a burden on the economy. If I hadn't been forced to pay into this scheme, and believe me I paid plenty, I would not have a pot to pee in much less a window to throw it out of. As it is I am dependent on my daughter for the window.

    The idea that SS is running out of money is political bullshit and it comes out of politicians mouths that being those assholes major outlet.

    I am amazed at the number of old people that fall for the crap, that let themselves be led into being against what someone else does or believes and get upset by every lie that's blasted at them from the TV. Unfortunately many of them are armed or maybe it's fortunate. The nightmare of a mob of senior citizens armed to the teeth and knowing how to use them coming down the street is a nightmare that the national guard would have to be used to mow down with machine guns. Believe me the politicians would order it and the soldier would do it. I have seen too many examples in my short life to believe otherwise.

    Divide and conquer yes indeed, that and laws that are unreasonable so the everyone is a lawbreaker. Well it's not working on me except it has made me really dislike those in politics and distrust the cops. I can't tell the good snakes from the bad now so I want to hit all of them with a stick. I don't hate teaparty dumbshits any more than the ones that seem to make sense. I don't dislike or distrust moslems anymore than christians nor do I find it necessary to take sides in Dem/Repub debacle.

    Thanks for letting me use your 'Rant Box' I needed to get that out as I was about to explode.

  11. I got a neighbor up the street from me who's trying to get social security disability. His meth lab got busted in March.
    He's out on bail right now and back to using and selling dope out of his house. We keep trying to call police and another neighbor called Social Security's fraud department. They cant do anything unless it shows he's earning an income?????

    On another note, I got another neighbor who had polio as a child and was able to work up until age 49 then collected disability. He's alright by me.
    There are many who deserve social security and at least one third do not deserve it.

    This countrys going broke, 14.4 trillion in the hole and over 20 trillion in derivatives in the hole.

    This is completely unsustainable.

    There is no way out. I dont know what the future holds, but I think the Federal Reserve and treasury department will have to default and accept austerity measures from big banks and the IMF which will just about destroy any benefits, entitlements, food stamps, etc. Including VA benefits, and social security benefits.

    If you want to blame anybody, blame the idiots in D.C. they are not interested in stopping wars, bringing troops home. They give hundreds of billions to other countries and bailouts to fail companies that are too big to fail. I noticed that some of the too big fail companies are giving campain funds to the idiots that are running for election????

    My advice is if your on Social Security benefits or VA benefits, start looking at other income sources in case the system crashes. Get some kind of backup.

    Too many dirtbags have wrecked the system and ruined it for those who really need it.
    Too many on food stamps that dont need it, too many tax credits for families that make enough money to survive. Too many free school breakfast and lunch programs for children whose parents buy flatscreen tv's and Ipods with their disposible income.

    This can only get worse.

    I know I may have said some expressed some unpopular views, but the truth hurts.
    Don't get mad at me, get mad at your congressman, senator and president. I dont like this anymore than you do.

  12. Looks like I swatted a hornet's nest.

  13. Some times its good to swat a hornets nest.... "wiff a baseball bat". Get ya stung a few times and it's an eye opener. Too many eyes are closed in this country to what is happening to their rights.
    It's not the freeloaders, it's our government that supports the freeloaders.

  14. Good rant, great post. Have read everyone's comments and I whole-heartedly agree with each and everyone one of them.

  15. Speaking of SS disability: A good friend of mine is a doctor who does SS disability reviews. He does not decide who gets it. He just reviews the levels of disability.

    He told me that when people cannot find a job - they decide to try and get disability. And, the group that he is seeing more and more of - are ex-cons because no one will hire them.

  16. Hi tffnguy: Love the rant and the comments. I always find myself surprised, no matter how many times it happens, to discover how much my worldview parallels Old Fool and his posts.

    I'm one of the freeloaders wossname above is talking about. Paid into SS 55 years and when I turned old enough began freeloading on it. If it dries up, being I make a lot of lousy financial decisions, it will be the end of me having an income. Just one of those events in life I'll have to deal with the same as some of you other oldsters will.

    I personally don't think the National Guard would hesitate a minute putting an end to any coordinated activity armed old people set in motion to try to change what's already probably a foregone conclusion.

    Maybe it's time to think in some different ways, going back to things tried before such as communes that didn't work before because we were too young, too obsessed with sex and drugs.

    Might be interesting to have a few hundred oldsters squatting on a piece of BLM land out somewhere with water and soil where something could grow helping one another, sharing the work in gardens etc, keeping ourselves alive until we each get around to dying.

    I think that might be one they'd let happen without bringing in the guns and badges because it would give them better PR letting it happen than they'd get hosing us down with explosive rounds.

    But we'd still be freeloaders for a certain kind of minds.

  17. I'm going to edit in a link to your rant on the post you referred to on mine so maybe folks can have a looksee at both if they'd have missed it otherwise. Gracias, J

  18. Here's a thought fer ya. More then likely most readers of this blog have had family die and you were left in the will. If not yet more than likely it will happen at one time. Chances are also good that much of what will be inherited will have been paid for with SS $.

    Now the question is What to do with the inherited stuff. Do you do like a good American should and sell off the inheritance so you can put the funds back in to SS? If not wouldn't that make you as guilty as those on SS?

  19. I got dibs on yer scooter

  20. Better get in line Nick. There are several others that want it to.

    And on the mob of senior citizens armed and threatening the government that would be a big mistake. I think Old Fool is wrong about the national guard though. Some might even join the mob.

    Wars have been won using gorilla tactics before and still could be. (Not that I'm suggesting that though)

  21. gorillas wouldnt last a day in this heat, too much hair

  22. I'd love a commune, but can you envision how nuts a bunch of old farts would be? Everyone would want things their way.

  23. Denese: A person would want to pick the old farts carefully in the earliest stages planning it. And as it grew the ones included would want to cogitate and agree about whichever other ones joined. Which is probably the reason I'd never get into a commune. Couldn't get past the selection committee.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't care to be in a commune full of people who haven't hit a lick at a snake, haven't gotten their hands dirty, haven't done anything but develop real estate or sell insurance and bitch about freeloaders, anyway.

    But it seemed a nice idea when I posted it.


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