Saturday, August 6, 2011

This, That & the Other

 Sunset last night.

First off I spent about a half hour cleaning up glass off of 118 where the road from my place intersects it. You see... some jackass threw out a couple of bottles and some more trash out just as they were passing that road and it scattered glass all along the opening to my road and half way across 118. One of the bottles was a Fanta soda bottle as there were a couple of pieces just big enough to tell and there were several pieces that could have easily cause a blow out by people driving down 118 headed south hitting them. (Who in the heck drinks Fanta?) Don't know what the other bottle was, but looked like it could have been some sort of liquor bottle. I took several pictures, but none of them showed the glass very well so am only posting one and it is all the white spots you see in that picture. The glass was scattered for quiet some distance and I used a shop broom to sweep what I could off the highway and had to pick a good bit up because it just wouldn't sweep. Also picked up some of the other trash so that's more trash that doesn't belong to me and I have no way to get rid of it. I won't be scattering it along the highway though! Must have been a local because part of the trash was a mostly used up pack of Top rolling papers.

The Cobras (Shelby Racing Group) will be back here again the last part of September and first of October. I had my first TFFN member's get together last year at the same time. Unfortunately only one member showed up and he drove all the way down here from Illinois. I'm going to try that again this year and hope more members will show up. Just in case I'm trying to line up several options for them to use if they come. One will be the Cow Head Ranch not far from here. I asked Sunni about it and told her some of my member might want rooms there. You can't beat the price at $10 a night, but I didn't have a chance to see them. I didn't see Cowboy Chris' Lincoln there and knew Sunni was at the legion so just took some pictures from 118. I'll try to catch someone there later and do a Blog thread on it.
Next option will be the Big Bend Motor Inn then the resort in Lajitas (where the Shelby Group will be staying) and lastly camping here if anyone wants to rough it. I think BBMI is about $100 a night, and I don't have a clue about Lajitas Resort, but I'd figure a lot more expensive than BBMI. Here for them to camp out it would be free. My group (If any show up in their Falcons, Comets or Econolines) are supposed to meet up with the Shelby Group at the Legion and have sort of a car show there. (the New and the Old or the Ancient)

Lastly... I'm always craving pizza, but the only place around here to get it is Long Draw Pizza which is only opened three days a week. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.) They are also only open from 5:00 PM to 9:00 I think and its also about 30 miles from here. As you might figure it isn't cheap either, but is great Pizza. Anyway I have made pizzas using flower tortillas in years passed and the other night I revived doing that. This time I took a small can of tomato sauce (8 Oz can) put it in a sauce pan, added some Italian seasoning, garlic salt, onion salt and some chopped up beef stick. (Sort of like Slim Jim). Brought it to a boil and simmered it for about 5 minutes until it thickened up some. I heated up a 10 inch cast iron skillet put the topping on the tortilla and added mozzarella cheese and placed it in the skillet and covered it. Didn't take long to cook it and the sauce was enough for two of them. (Which I pigged out on.) They were really very good. Best part was not having to heat up the oven and add insult to the already sweltering trailer.


  1. Dangit, I want pizza now! Thanks for cleaning up that glass. I hate driving over broken glass, but even more I hate walking my dogs over it. One place I took the greyhound had broken glass *everywhere* - it was like walking an obstacle course to get where we were going without getting his feet cut up :(

  2. Abby I hate it when people throw out bottles like that. Very inconsiderate! I know what you mean though. All I need is another blowout for something like that, The sharp rocks are bad enough as is.

  3. Yes, one of my greyhounds got a horrible slice in a toe from a broken 40oz beer bottle when I was in NY. Took nearly a month to heal, it got infected pretty bad. all from someone throwing their trash where it did not belong.

  4. Had to say Hi. Been reading your blog for quiet a while. Hope to be a neighbor before the end of the year, have property NE of you a bit. Love your pizza description, getting ready to order one here and drive to town to get it... Something that will not be as easy once I'm there but even here this is a splurge for me.

    Hate that trash on the road too, really, how hard is it to take to the next stop and throw it away!

  5. Lance, I picked up supplies this morning and have enough fixing for four more hard time pizzas. Would have had a couple more tonight, but I just ate a sandwich instead.

    End of the year would probably be a better time to be here. Its too damned HOT now.

  6. I dont mean to sound like politicaly incorrect but I've noticed many Mexican immigrants drink Fanta. Down here in South Texas, most illegal aliens that come across the border through ranches leave tons of trash, water bottles, and clothing. It has become a really, really big problem for many cattle ranches and property owners down here.
    I dont mean to offend anyone, but I just go by what I see.

    Yeah' I may be heading down right after the first weak cold front in September or October when things cool off a bit. It all depends if we are in another depression, war with Iran or gas at $8.00 a gallon.

  7. Like the pizza idea, have you tried it with pitas and if so how did it tasted?

    Glass on the road, yuck! The ranchers here drive really, really slow over the sharp rocks to keep their tires from being cut up. I could walk faster!

  8. CC, I think we're already in a depression and I hope not on the other two.

    Judy, no I haven't tried that. They would probably take an oven and I'm trying to stay away from that. I think the next time I make them I will brush a little olive oil on the top of the tortillas before adding the sauce and cheese though. (Just to see if it makes much of a difference) The way I make them the tortillas are just nearly crispy and I tear off small slices to eat them.

    You almost have to drive slow on these roads. I do so I can see and dodge any sharp rocks sticking up, but that doesn't always work. I do see some people driving what looks like 75 miles per hour on them leaving a rooster tail of dust behind. I'd never do that!

  9. Morning to you. Man, I love that pizza recipe. I've been out of propane a few months and until I get it filled I'm experimenting to find what all can be done on a microwave [discovered some great ones]. I think something akin to what you've described might work that way.

    The trash on the highway thing is a mystery to me. I see it on roads that don't get travelled much, so I think it must be locals, but sheeze, they have to look at it the next day. But around here most are forward-thinking enough to throw it into the grader ditch.

    But occasionally someone throws out or something worthwhile blows out into the ditch, too. I've got several hard-plastic ice-chest tops I've found uses for that I've spotted in the grader ditch and circled back for.

    Thanks for the pizza.

  10. Sofar, I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to come up with some sort of solar oven or cooker that would work pretty good. I have made pizzas like that in a microwave and the tortillas were too soft so I wound up rolling them up and eating them like burritos. I prefer the almost crispy crust and just tearing of peaces to eat them.

    BTW added a sunset picture from last night.

  11. Testing. JustMe here, checking to see if the new settings enable me to post here.

  12. Keep us updated on the Shelby gathering. I hope to come out as soon as it cools down enough to camp out. I might take you up on your offer to camp there. I'm self contained and won't take or leave the smallest thing. Thanks for picking up the glass. I'm always picking up random trash too. It's so easy to control ones trash, but anywhere you go there will always be a few knuckleheads.

  13. John, that offer is for TFFN members with tents only and only during the get together.

  14. That is a beautiful sunset shot. Nice cloud cover, too bad no rain :-(

    Thanks for picking up that glass. There are always AH everywhere...grrrrr!!!


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