Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cleared For Landing


I cleared off a place for the container (Using an Ax and a rake that the head kept coming off of it), BUT I've called 4 times now to see about getting one of the containers and no answer. Last time I let the phone ring long enough that I got a message saying "Answer off", then I heard a guy say something and the phone went dead. Either all of their rentals are taken up or they just don't want to do business? Must be nice to have a business where you only answer the phone when you want to!

Anyway if that situation don't change then it looks like I may have to back off and punt. Pounding steel fence post in the ground and using them as a frame is out because of the shallow soil so the next step may be going back to stick building.

The first picture is the spot I chose to put the container (In the safe zone until I get a survey) and is not the site I want to build on. That would be about two feet higher and to the north on the plateau. As is if I can get a container the front would be about 100 feet off of the road. The area where I want to put the container will be an extended driveway sooner or later. The second picture is looking in from the road with the cross hair about where the container should be. The third one shows the drop off to the south where the land slopes down probably about 30 feet until it levels off again.

One of my new neighbors to be and his wife stopped buy and we chatted for a while. Seem like great people. They had a small pup they had just gotten (half Snouser and half Chiwawa) and was a cute little dickens. Since my X hated dogs with a passion I owe it to myself to get one since I do like them. Just not sure what kind yet?


  1. I love your new location (land). Hopefully you will be able to get a hold of the container people soon.

    Having a dog out there is a great idea, they can alert you to visitors (snakes, yikes!) as well as other critters.

  2. I sure hope so on the container because that would be the easiest out for the time being and could get me moved out there at least a month sooner.

    As for dogs, I've always been a BIG dog person, but think a lot of the small breeds are cool. I'd want to train any of them to know to stay a safe distance from Snakes though. It would be real good to be warned in case of visitors like you say. Would probably also be good if they were big enough that coyotes wouldn't try and take them. I prefer outside dogs so that might not go over too good for real small pets.

  3. Oh yeah...every rancher has to have a dog. Not to warn ya when there's a snake around, but to talk to and help plan meals. And of course help wash dishes.
    I've found that the best all around dog to be a Heinze dog. I had one pedigree dog and that sucker was worthless.
    I also found that most Heinze dogs will NOT pick up a snake and say "hey, look what I found". They keep distance and yell profanities till you come run'n. BUT, there are sites on the internet that teach "snake training".
    As far as the coyotes go, the only pet a coyote won't eat is a great big mule. Even a pit bull can't contend with hungry coyotes. Of course ya don't want a pit bull run'n round with all the kids and such.
    Buy a freakin container.

  4. Can't afford a container yet and I ain't going to go in debt! As for as the pit bulls Someone was telling me that a rancher used to hunt coyotes with several greyhounds and a pit bull. The greyhounds would run them down and then he's sick the pit bull on them. He said he lost a greyhound every now and then if the pit didn't get to it in time though. I've never liked pits though. I did have a Shepard/Dane mix one thime that I liked real well, but I'd bought it for an X girlfriend and she got it in the un-divorce. (er... split up)That was one damn BIG dog and looked like a lobo wolf on top of that. I had several people ask me it it was a tamed wolf.


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