Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now What?


The new measurements are in and it looks like the coordinates I got for the land may be closer than either Just Me or myself thought they were? These measurements were taken from the edge/corner of the road running in front of the property and the road coming off of 118. Now... there was the split 10 acres between my property and that road to contend with, but assuming the half between my property and the road is actually 330 feet then adding another 660 feet to it would give the new marking point (Southeast corner) on the aerials and where the other pictures show the rocks I piled up with the added graphics stake & flag. It still doesn't change anything because I'll still be staying in the safe zone to live and build. The rest of the land will more or less stay unchanged. I like the place I chose real well and no coordinates I / We have come up with yet says it wouldn't be safe to use that area. In either case the closest anyone else could build near me would be well down the hill at the bottom of the road or build on short and long stilts one. Also I'd be far enough away from the other end (northeast) that it probably wouldn't bother me anyway. Only thing that even half way concerns me now it that the military is training with the B-1 Bombers in that area. Sure hope they don't do night training there. That might be the pits because they are pretty loud.

And on a side note.... This RV feels like it could take off any minute. Worst I've experianced yet by far! The sand storm reminds me of the ones we used to go through in the Odessa/Midland Texas area! Its also out of the northwest which means its broadsiding the RV. Looks like we could get some rain also and I think that may have been predicted. If it does then I'll get to see if the access to and from the land is effected by it.


  1. Very little rain up here, but there's a LOT of wind and a good bit of pea sized hail. I've got my work planned for tomorrow - repair the door frame where the wind pulled my door off its frame. Hinge screws pulled away some goodly chunks of wood. I'll repair with longer screws designed for wood-to-metal connections and make sure the door is re-hung with hinges attached to the metal structure instead of just to the wood frame lining the metal door opening. Mother Nature is good about teaching lessons in construction techniques :-)

  2. yikes JustME, wind ripped yer door off. bet youll fix it.

    Dave, I am still confused about why you cant find your property line if you found the pin on the road? Its just a matter of messuring after that isnt it? or am I missin somethin?

  3. Sorry to hear that Just Me. I'm not surprised because of the way the wind was rocking this RV! One very large motorhome pulled in beside me and then left as soon as the wind died down. (Using this RV to block the wind) They didn't even bother to say thanks before they left. ;) If you need help just let me know. Something like that can be done by one person, but it is a LOT easier with some help. Don't ask me how I know.

    OGT, I don't have any pins located. (or at least not that I know of.) The PVC appears to be where the owner of the land on the other side of the split tract marked their south boundary. (Southeast corner) However, I did some investigating with Google earth and by cutting and pasting the measurement on one of the arieals for the 660 feet I mesured with the ruler I find that the road running through the split tract is not exactly half way between that property. The distance between the PVC marker and Legion Rd. is exactly 660 feet so that would account for the more than 330 feet from that marker and the end of that side of the split tract. The part of the split tract on my side is less that 330 feet by what appears to be about 52 feet. That will mean that my property line will once again shift to the north by about 52 feet. Now what I intend to do is move my stacks of rocks (Markers north by 52 feet and be satisfied with it.)

  4. Lesson learned. Door frame repaired & door re-hung. 2" wood to metal screws have replaced two out of four 3/4" wood screws in each of the hinges. :-) Thanks for the offer of help, but it turned out to be unnecessary. It's amazing what bungee cords can be coaxed into doing these days.

    David, we need to look around up by the legion. There should be three pins within about 20 feet of each other that will give a definitive answer about your place as well as determining how near the dirt road your property is. Ideally, the roads were supposed to be cut so that half the road is taken from each property on each side, but that seems to have rarely happened out here.

    OGT, your place is in the un-numbered section of the online tract maps. Will have to go to the POATRI office when they're open for yours. The good news is that that section was split into thirds instead of quarters so your tract should be closer to 5.33 acres instead of 5. The quarter section was cut in thirds, then divided into 10 lots instead of the usual cutting into quarters then dividing into 8 lots. Makes em long and narrow, but it's more land because the quarter section was split into 30 tracts instead of 32.

  5. Just Me, Glad you were able to get the door fixed. With a little ingenuity about anything can be done by one person. Doesn't necessarily mean it wouldn't be easier with two people though. ;) I've redone my measurements using GE and it looks like its more like 70 feet that my land boundaries will change to the north, which is actually good for me because there would be far less of my land on that downhill sloap. That also puts your safe corners back close to center from north to south again.

  6. Thanks for the info, Just me. How you know all this stuff? your amazing.

    david, I get what yer sayin now. If just me knows where the pins are then you could get a real close messurement.

  7. David, I am glad you know how to get all your measurements and locate your boundaries. If it was me I would be totally clueless...

    Dropped in to wish you a Merry Christmas.

  8. MsBelinda, Merry Christmas back and to the rest to.

  9. Dave,
    This is all fascinatin' stuff, and will come in handy when I finally buy some land out there. Thanks for your continued work, and sharing your progress.


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