Friday, December 25, 2009

X-Mas at the RV Park

A few pictures of the trees and RVs around here this morning. I think this is a family here in several RVs with fairly small children (who seemed to be having a blast yesterday)


  1. Ok, what's the deal. You never did update us on that new radiator for the Falcon. I assume you put one in as your driving all over the place.

    I talked to a guy recently that bought a used portable building from a school district auction real cheap, I thought of you out there with lots of land and no place to stay.

    Get ahold of someone at a local school district they may have a surplus portable class room they want to clear off a school site.

  2. RH, I thought I'd posted about that, but maybe not. See "FedEx / Grub Shack / Green Slime Update" and the numerous updates in that thread. As an update to that outside of my hands and arms looking like raw hamburger for a while after getting the new radiator in all is well. I'm well pleased with the new rad and as far as not worrying about the car over heating I'm good to go. I still have an exhaust leak that I can't seem to fix (which makes it sound real crappy) and a burned valve which will have to be taken care of sooner or later. Then there is the matter of 2 balding front tires because of the front end needing alignment to worry about. Guess I'm the type that am not happy unless I'm worrying about? I do have two nearly brand new tires on wide mags in the trunk, but they were bought for the back and are too wide for the front. The two tires on the back are good, but they were also bought for the back some time prior to the new ones on mags. They are too large in diameter to work on the front without rubbing in turns. I'll be adding a front end alignment and new front tires to the growing list of things I need to do and buy.

    As for outright buying containers I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can't afford to do that. I'm going to have to get out of this high rent district and start saving for that. IF by about the 5th of next month I haven't heard something positive about renting the container then I may consider committing to move out of here and in to something very small that I could build in a hurry. It would have to be pretty small. Maybe an 8x8, but then it would save me $450 a month to start putting in to building something larger.


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