Thursday, December 10, 2009

FedEx / Grub Shack / Green Slime Update

Contrary to what FedEx said on the date of deliver of the radiator it didn't show. The girl in the office said it probably won't today because they are usually here by 1:30 PM. I guess they could have made it if they hadn't send it an extra 550 miles further east and then had to bring it back another 550 miles back this way! Especially considering it had to pass the FedEx terminal it was sent back to this morning when that's still 250 miles from here. Oh well... If it gets here by 1:30 tomorrow maybe I'll still have time to get it changed out and be able to get back to the land Saturday. Just Me showed me how to change the Google Earth coordinates to the hand held GPS coordinates so now I should be able to locate the corners (within 16 feet) with it now. Will probably be a far cry from pacing it off or using a tape (Which could still be 16 feet off.)

And on another note there is an article about the Grub Shack here Grub Shack article and I'll let the author fess up if she will since her handle on the article is different than her blog handle.

And now for the Green Slime update. It appears that any time your vehicle sets for a few days or maybe less then the out of balance problem reoccurs, but within about a mile it goes away. Its still unsettling though, but I guess its a necessary evil to keep from having flats on the Terlingua Ranch roads.
The Fan arrived, but not the radiator! Not good... Not good at all!

Now that FedEx figured out how to get the fan here they forgot how they did it I guess. The shipment of the radiator is now on hold about 75 miles away from here saying on the tracking that they couldn't find the address. I guess that means one of two things. Either the box was addressed wrong by the sender or the driver doesn't know what he/she is doing? In either case I guess I can forget about it getting here before Monday (If it doesn't go back where it came from) Ah.... CRAP!

I finally got a hold of FedEx after punching a bunch of buttons on the phone and giving voice commands which it kept saying it didn't understand. Didn't know my speech was that bad? Anyway I finally got to talk to a real person and the shipment is SUPPOSED to be back on track. She didn't have a clue why the driver dropped off the one package and didn't the other one??? At any rate now I won't get it until Monday and that means a beautiful weekend for being at the land is lost. More than likely the nice weather won't hold up long. 

WOO HOO! The people that sent the radiator got on FedEx like a big dog and they made a special delivery the 70 miles to get it here! I'm a HAPPY CAMPER! Now if all will go smooth with the change out I should be at the land tomorrow!


  1. How about the spirit in the center picture. (unexpected special effects) I guess I need to quit smoking when taking pictures!

  2. I thought that maybe there was some kind of haunting going on.... Maybe your radiator did show but at least you have decent weather.

    ....Freezing my a** off up here.....

  3. The radiator is supposed to be here tomorrow, but if its as late getting here then that means I won't be able to change it until Saturday. I was hoping to be at the land working then.

    That spirit was probably Murphy's ghost coming to harass me? Yes the weather isn't bad and its supposed to be even better at least through Sunday.

  4. Shipping hassles are a pain in the a**. Should've used UPS. John's UPS guy knows the area very well, and is always reliable and friendly. In all fairness, the shipping business, in general, is on overload this time of year.
    Who's putting the radiator in for you? Archie over at the service center in Study Butte?
    Good luck with it all. Hope you get out there this weekend.

  5. On No! Me or my brother in law are the only two people allowed to work on that car. I've already got the new radiator in and leak tested. I need some other parts to finish it, but Just Me will be bringing them in tonight. Thanks once again Just Me! Looks like I may make it to the land tomorrow after all. With the new SAFE coordinates I should be able to see where I'll be living (at least until I can get a survey made.) Now I should be able to go out there a lot more often when the weather allows and actually get some work done.

    I believe it must be around 80 right now and very nice! I think tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be nice to.

  6. See what I were tole ya....everything works out in the end. By the time ya read this, ya should have the 4 corners staked and a place cleared for the rental container....right???
    Now what ya gonna do bout internet? Wanna see posts every day of progress ya know.

  7. Looks like I may be using the American Legion WiFi once a day until I can get the phone and DSL connected. They tell me there won't be a problem? (Other than 90 days), But of course I have to come up with a container first.

    Had a security breach at my storage in Odessa and just found out about that while ago by a voice mail from my MagicJack. Someone opened my storage, but of course they don't know what was in it to know whether anything was stolen or not. Main computer, welder and a bunch of shop tools were in there. I hope they still are!


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