Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Odessa Texas Visitor's Bureau


While at the land yesterday as I walked down in to a ravine that runs along the back of the property I was startled as a very large jackrabbit bolted out of some brush. Now I thought I was born and raised in Jackrabbit country, but evidently not. This jackrabbit was HUGE! In all my life I've never seen one even close to that size and I've seen thousands of them. I haven't done much on here for a few days so with that in mind I thought of the World's Largest Jackrabbit I'd seen in my home town (several times removed) of Odessa Texas. You see it here and you can visit the site I snatched the picture from in the first link. While searching for pictures of it I ran across a startling image of a man holding an 11 foot rattle snake he had killed. See the other photo and you can visit the site I snatched it from in the second link (as well as some interesting reading besides). Now true Odessa may have the world's largest statue of a jackrabbit, but I'm going to say it doesn't have the largest Real Jackrabbits! It may well be that it can hold claim to having had the world's largest rattlesnake though. Also HUGE! I hope I never run across something like that! I came close to being taken by an 18 to 20 foot python while in Viet Nam but luck intervened in my favor. When I first saw the picture of the snake it reminded me of a small brother of the python I came close to be snatched by. Then when I investigated I couldn't believe it was a rattlesnake!

I'd heard that the nice weather was going to change for the worse here, but this morning was absolutely beautiful so I decided to go back out to the land and piddle around more. Just before I got ready to leave though the wind started getting up and it felt as it was starting to get cooler. That was all it took for me to change my mind. Now its back to this RV rockin & rollin. The wind is really howling and out of the northeast which is broadsiding the trailer. I think we are supposed to have several days of not so great weather.

As far as a storage container on the land (which seems to be my best bet for getting out there) I've called the place that rents them twice today and no answer either time. Maybe tomorrow???


  1. It looks like I won't need as big a generator as I thought to run my welder. I've found that a 4500 watt generator is good for 140 AMPs of welding. I've only seen a couple of times when I needed to use over 90 AMPs and that was welding some pretty thick iron. I should be able to get buy with a 3500 watt generator if I stayed at or below 90 AMPs on the welder.

  2. Oh no!!! I hate snakes, I too thought it was a python...I can not believe it is a rather snake, YIKES!!!


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