Monday, December 28, 2009

Friends, Guitars & Cooking

Nothing to do with the move to the land, but I decided to post some pictures of a Cigar Box Guitar my x-neighbor and still good friend made. Matter a fact three friend that I miss are him, his wife and their son... code named Tigger, Al and Waldo (in that order). Tigger is very good at woodworking even though he doesn't have a wood shop and not just a lot of woodworking tools. He is also good with leather and an equally good welder. I got him caught up in choppers again when I started building my trike and he had to go out and buy a wreck and build his own chopper out of it. Waldo, is going to culinary school and vows to come down here and win the Chili cook off. I'd very much like to see that happen. Now Al? She's the Boss of that operation.

Tigger? What do you think? I've got this box and nothing to do with it. Maybe I'll try my hand at one of those CBGs. In this case it would be a Pie Box Guitar.

Na... Guess I better not or then I'd have to learn how to play it.


  1. So cool, I love those hill billy instruments! Thanks for the photos and hope u have a great new year!

  2. The temp got considerably warmer than it was supposed to today so I went back out to the land and used Just Me's surveyor's tape to take accurate measurements from the center of the Legion road to the NE corner of my property. (1320 feet accurate within inches rather than feet!) Then I measured another 660 feet to the SE corner of the property and it put the boundaries about 66 feet further north than what the original corners were. I put up PVC stakes at both corners and piled rocks around them so there won't be a problem finding the corners. Another neighbor stopped by and said I was doing it right by measuring from the center of the Legion road. I'm satisfied with the new measurements! It still won't effect the driveway or build site, but will give me another 66 feet of usable property.

  3. If you keep putting up those little piles of rocks as monuments on your property, your going to need a map with with locations of piles marked on it. Or one of going around knocking down all of the wrong piles.

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy following your progress.

  4. I took down all of the other piles to use for a bigger pile around the two pieces of PVC pipe. I think I had 3 piles on the NE end and two on the SE end which are history now. I didn't mark the back corners because I'd have had to lay the tape over bush, hill and dale and could have never gotten an accurate measurement, but can get close enough to those with Google Earth and the GPS. I won't be building on the back part so unless some sort of boundary dispute came up between the owner of the tract behind me and myself I'm not worried about that.

  5. As I walked around some property yesturday close to the legion, I thought " wow looky at all those pretty rocks" they dont skip across the desert very well though. I got tired and went home.

  6. I'll take the desert over the Swamp anytime.

  7. Awesome. I'm currently building a cigar box guitar. I'm basing it on a three string.

    A friend of mine also gave me a big old biscuit tin to make a banjo out of. I'll see how I go with the cigar box first.


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